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Is threatening to impose five percent tariffs on beckon import starting next month, and raise them to twenty five percent by October if the flow of migrants at the southern border does not slow down, and that will impact American consumers. I'm Gary non prices on certain Mexican fruits, vegetables wine. Beer, and processed foods, plus appliances, cars and car parts will go up and economist Joel narrow says the effects will trickle down to US come. Paninis higher prices for the tariff in there for having to pass those on or eat them. And that's a real problem. It gets spread across the entire just last year. The US bought twenty six billion dollars in agricultural products for Mexico in Wall Street is taking a hit after the threat of those tariffs. The Dow Jones industrial average has been down more than two hundred fifty points this morning. There are reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong UN executed senior officials that were involved in nuclear negotiations with the US after the last summit in Hanoi failed to yield substantial results. This information is unconfirmed at US officials are looking into the reports. More from State Department reporter Christina Rufino. We know that Kim Jong UN was not happy with the outcome of outcome of the Hanoi summit. The White House wasn't especially thrilled either, but failing to deliver an outcome has slightly more dire consequences in North Korea where you can go from delivering an envelope with a letter to the president of the United States in the Oval Office, one month and a forced labor camp, next, which is what we're hearing has possibly happened to Kim Jong Chul, Christina Rufina reporting. It's eleven oh, three NewsRadio eight forty W H S, the devastating weather that people in Arkansas have endured this week might only be a hint of what's coming. Forecasters predict the. The Arkansas river will crash record levels through next week. State officials say some levees might not be high enough or strong enough to keep that record pie water in check flooding could damage or destroy thousands of homes along the river. The Arkansas emergency management department says some of the levees are already leaking coach, Dan. Mcdonald's Louisville cardinals tough play Illinois Chicago tonight in the first round of the NC double a baseball tournament. They do everything, you know that they can still some bases they like the bunt on. They like put pressure on the defense and they do a great job on the mound. I mean they they attacked the strike zone. First pitch at six o'clock, Indiana, and Illinois state play today's first game at two o'clock. Your next news update at eleven thirty. I'm Paul miles dues radio eight forty. W. H A, S, Kentucky Anna's. Breaking news, weather, and traffic.

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