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I love you so you play flute and I'll just start by saying you've played flute alike on TV and on videos a lot of people thought like oh it's done by somebody else you can't possibly play like that she's not a classical person I don't know what people think that's races yes yes yes I'm very funny videos answering that but suit to tell us how you started to play flute like this is our fifth or sixth grade did you choose the instrument or did a teacher say you got to play flute in this other person gets to play trombone yeah they chose the flu chose me I remember I was in band in fifth grade and we were sitting down and there was one girl name is miss Johnson and she was a fluke specialist I really think she was like just going to college and was trying to get some extra credit and he was like Mr Browder was like who do you want in your flu class who do you want to play flu is she picks me and I don't know why she picks me I think later on she was like you know you just have a good embouchure I could tell you have a good flute embouchure which is you know your mouth but I don't know and I was like grateful because I've wanted to play flute I thought it was the coolest instrument but you know who could have known all the cool girls play clarinet anyway what what do you think the flu was the coolest instrument I don't know what I thought was so cool about it but it was cool so how serious were you about a career as a flutist flautist let us always flower you know it's crazy how we send flowers and one day some think it's polluted from light show the but I I was very very very serious I study flute I played it every night I when I was a senior in high school or junior I started studying with the principal flutist of the Houston opera and she was also a professor at the university of Houston so I was studying with Sydney Carlson for years and she was kind of like priming me to go to your fate she got me my scholarship to you of age and then when I was studying with her there she was setting me up to study at the Paris conservatory well and I was going to study flew at the Paris conservatory and I was gonna really just you know wait in line for that first chair I saw a life of concert black in Boston pops and traveling the world and when that didn't pan out for me I was very depressed I was very sad and I don't really know what happened I think the pressure of those two worlds kind of got to me because I was waking up every morning at like six AM for marching band at U. of H. and then I would go to the go to the rehearsal hall and then I would practice in this tiny room for hours and then at night I would stay up in rapid fashion shows and try to stay up to keep up with all the fraternities and sororities and that was really taking a toll on me and I was like who are you you know at this point you could you could you could do it all through high school but you're in college now you're about to be we are going to be for ever and now who is that so did you choose rap over over a classical career or was the choice made for you I chose rap how come because to me it was the most instantly gratifying I was I I was in college for music performance degree but I was already performing and I thought might you know everyone thinks they know everything when their nineteen twenty I was like I'm already performing what do I need a music performance degree for and I just stopped so you grew up in Detroit what music did you grow up with in Detroit I grew up with a lot of gospel music I remember we would listen to a perfect and praises over and over and over that was the Marvin Winans of family album and they would always come out with family albums and we would just listen so that like it was strictly gospel I didn't really listen to secular music or like radio music but mind you I was still very very young but it it shaped who I am today on stage like you get a lot of Hallelujah moments from me and that's from Detroit and growing up in the culture church which church the church of god in Christ which is co Jake so when you weren't listening to secular music was that because of their church did your parents not want secular music in the house I mean well you know was the devil so my parents so the funny thing is is you know my sister and my brother who are older than me they remember different things like my dad he really loved Elton John and my mom love Stevie Wonder so you know we would have those types of things hall and Oates you know queen my dad love queen so like those things will filter in here and there well for the most part you know we tried to listen to gospel music music makes people feel things and it made me feel things in church that I knew that I could I could bring to my music you know I'm trying to say so like for instance there was something about the way that the the the on was it because like a revival song gore shout music shout music is when the drummers are going off and the bases I do noon on and on and on you know and then at that point everybody just running around the church and everyone shall in like that reaction that visceral physical reaction that you see in people that's driven by the music like the pastor talking can make you say amen all day but there's something about that driving music that makes you want to get out you'll see your run and I knew that music had the power to move people physically even emotionally but especially physically so I don't think it's just because we talk about Jesus because even in those bass lines the bass lines I talk about Jesus the baseline is running and it takes you to god everything you don't understand is just our vessel and so I want to use my music as a vessel to get you where you need to go to a positive place so I know you met prince when you're living in Minneapolis ends on his album yeah and you did a track on the on on on on one of his last term electron sectional that drum with third eyed girl and so how did he find you because he invited you to perform for him he asked you then to do a track for section electrum so I know you when you move to Minneapolis after college after dropping out of college you became a kind of important part of the music scene there but so how did how did he find you how do you hear you okay so there was a documentary being made about burgeoning musicians and also like you know yeah I think it was his burgeoning musicians actually in Minnesota and it was on one of the like local news stations and it was us me and my best friend my DJ Sophia heiresses group the Feelin who won the voice and plectrum electro whose princes band and and I think some of the people to that I can remember and they did a piece on us and the day it aired the current the radio station in Minneapolis called in our Saint Paul Minneapolis they called and said they had us up and say you know you won't believe this but prince just send us an email asking for you all's contact and we were like what and mind you this was maybe two years after I moved to Minneapolis on and I was owl couldn't believe it I was like well give Omar an email would be for and the email just simply said I would like for you to come to Paisley park on Easter Sunday and is Sunday well yeah I was pretty it was amazing and to work to to work on a song and we went and it was magical and from then on we had a relationship with Paisley park and with him where we would just he would ask us to come perform for his his parties and we will come and perform in we also had a she you know talk about me in interviews he was like you know lose those wonder what she's up next when nobody was checking for me he was checking for you know young black girls and young black artists and giving us a voice and gave me my first big check I mean I have a I have a lot of respect in the deep profound relationship with one of the greatest artists of all time so that's a lot to say about that my guest is rapper and singer at Liz though her 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