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I am Jason beam, your host, of this here show. I appreciate you guys tuning in as always, looking forward to our guests who I didn't tease yesterday, did I? I don't think I did. Ray handel can join us, trainer in New York, have any banner aqueduct meet, he's looking at 12 or 13 wins. I think already and 5th in the standings from like 46 starts doing good. Got some good horses running in the Gotham. Okay, didn't win, but you know, was in it. And we'll talk with this funny thing when he picked up. He said, just so you know, I got my two year old with me sitting here. I said, okay. He's like, so if there's any problem with noise, just like, eh, come on. It's funny because, you know, first of all, I'm like, you know, you're doing me the favor. You're coming on my show, and do you get some publicity out of it? Sure. I guess, but you're doing me the favor you're doing our audience favored by joining us. If there's a gentle cry or a baby's noise or a dog barking, so be it, we'll deal with it, right? You guys aren't mad. If anything, I always feel like little stuff like that, like it adds a sense of realness to the interview. Just because, you know, our sight of a lot of people within the game, maybe people at higher levels, but I think just everybody, really, you know, we see what we see on the track feed or an interviews or on social media that they put up. And you know, it's generally, I don't want to say a facade, but it's, you know, I don't think a lot of people put out their true selves on those platforms. And to me, when I'm interviewing someone, you know, we have, I usually tell people we shoot for a 20 minute interview, and sometimes we go longer, and other times we go shorter. But do we have time to really get into the super depths of a person, probably not. But I do like to shoot for, you know, those occasional moments of realness and, you know, things that aren't, I guess, just expected during an interview. And I don't know that you could just, especially the first time you interview someone, it's always hard to kind of try to get a little beyond that. 'cause you know, people are comfortable sharing what they're sharing. I'm certainly, you know, I try to, in anything I do, I try to be an open book, in part reasons because for selfish reasons, like I just, to me, it feels beneficial in rewarding to be heard and to also just to communicate. Like I wrote a blog about my weight loss the other day and kind of about self esteem and a lot of things tied into that. And you know, for me, I feel better when I purge on to the page, and there's sometimes I write stuff like that where nobody reads it, this one I share, but you know, I think it's I think it's good to be open and honest. And I find that for me, it also connects me with people, you know, I talk about life stuff on here. And I often hear from you guys on Twitter or email and you say, oh, you know, I've dealt with that. Oh, I appreciate you sharing that. You know, we're all going through something. At pretty much all time. You know, whether the severities obviously, you know, less or more, I saw someone on Twitter who I've known for years, they were tweeting about, you know, they have a parent who's ill and their caretaking. You know, brought me back to what I was doing that with my dad and, you know, it's that shared human experience and I know that this is a horse racing podcast and so I try not to take myself or our content too seriously. But I also realized that there is a little bit more going on with the path of communication and that we have these connections that we make through communicating and podcast as a form of that. And you know, I always say that I'm thrilled when I get to be a part of someone's commute. Just a little sliver of their day. If they laugh, or if they find something insightful or if they just are distracted from whatever they're dealing with, like to me, that's like such a blessing to get to do that if someone's live. And, you know, when I get messages from listeners, it's that same way coming back. You know, it's a blessing for me to hear there was a connection and or that you'd listen to the show or that you just like horse racing and wanted to talk about it or had a question. Like what a great thing to get questions from people who are new to the game. I remember during the pandemic, I would get those emails all the time. Like, oh, you know, I just discovered horse racing and because we were the only thing going other than South Korean baseball. What an honor to get those kind of messages. So as I mentioned, so ray handel is going to join us with his child. That's where you won't hear from his child. I think there's like one or two little little blips, but not too much. I remember we had Nancy holt to sonic a couple of weeks ago. She's like, just so you know, my dog is here. And I was like, Nancy, your dog is fine. I love when dogs make guest appearances on the show. But we'll talk with ray about his very successful winter at aqueduct about his barn. You know, he's 7 I think 7 or 8 years in now to his training career and he's kind of been growing the business and get better horses and so it's exciting to watch that path. I've said all along doing the show that, you know, now going into 6 years of doing it. We've now been following some of our guests that have come on multiple times for many years and you know, it's kind of cool to get to follow along their journey. All of our interviews are archived and you can find the last time we had Raya, which I think was I want to say June of 2019. The only reason being because I remember I was staying at a friend's house. So it would have been right around Haskell of 2019 because I stayed in a hotel like an extended stay for most of my trip at Monmouth, but the week I was back at the Haskell I stayed at a friend's house. And I remember interviewing ray at that friend's house. So now I want to Google and see if maybe I was maybe it was somebody else that I was thinking of. Maybe it was cruise kit sweezy. Another young handsome trainer, but looking forward to talking to ray handle here in a few moments. I mentioned yesterday there was a little Twitter thread that I wanted to share and that I really enjoyed..

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