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Like. I mean the past few decades. There isn't a lot of gothic romance movies. I would say they would probably like hit their height win. It's like black and white. Because of the drama you can add the shadows. There is an elephant film. Excuse me but you know crimson peak highs while they use a lot of color you see this. It's very dramatic. I kind of i kind of associated with and it's like it's very it needs to be haunting and needs to be like the robots can be involved but it's like no matter whether it's ghosts or the specter of a dead person into this rebecca. It's she's she hots this house. It's a haunted movie but really but it's not a ghost story. And i think that's what i think is interesting about rebecca as a story is that you're following in the footsteps of the first of rebecca and she's just they're like every part of the house she has touched and while you never we'll see this character in the flesh you feel her character in a real way and that's very gothic to be. It's very like goes like it's well. It's the whole thing with gothic. Romance is like everyone is haunted by. Yes as a metaphor you know. Like and that's what the whole thing would other romances. So if you. I think that was what was interesting. I think you know. Obviously the era that the forties rebecca. I think you're right like the air that was made in is lends itself to know certain degree. Because you get to have all these like dramatic camera pushes in on people's faces and like you know all the you know this beautiful orchestral score and like all these things that work really well but as we've seen crimson peak that doesn't mean you can't do that in the market and i think what was interesting to me was. I saw a couple notes towards the end. That i felt were actually like very seventies and they reminded me a little bit of almost suspi our and even say like the most modern remake of spirit which i think is interesting because they do this thing where i mean a the music which is odd. There's this one like female folk song. I guess you'd say interest in the movie a couple of times and i was like this doesn't this feels like a seventies movie now. I don't know what's happening. But then they also use that like super iconic like dario origin. Tow like Gels to cover so there's like these bright blues and reds like over the screen. So interesting i think like this movie unfortunately is like a bit bland overall and so when those moments would come in i was like i wonder what this movie would have been like..

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