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Out over the plains, we have a storm, which is developing down over southeastern portions of Kansas, and that's going to be running east northeastward over the next couple of days tomorrow that will generate a lot of clouds in our sky. And by after dune we start to see a shower high about seventy eight degrees, but the bulk of the rain with a system comes tomorrow night, into Thursday morning, just off and on rain, mild conditions about sixty behind it, though Thursday afternoon. It's going to be cloudy, breezy, and cool temperatures generally in the sixties. That Prodi with some sunshine. We'll start to warm it up again high seventy seven this is meteorologist Dave Bowers on WJ, NewsRadio nine fifty cloudy right now in Pontiac currently, seventy seven degrees, it's seventy nine and cloudy. And if Salani and seventy six in Westland. On NewsRadio nine fifty. Good evening. I'm Greg Bowman. Brooke Allen, our top stories at five fifty there could be a warning label on marijuana sold in Michigan. State Representative dare rented Lake City near Cadillac has introduced a Bill that would warn pregnant women about the dangers of smoking she argues there's a lot. We don't know about how it affects unborn children apparent attack at the Phoenix harbor international airport. Authorities say a man rushed TSA officers in one of the terminals sending to to the hospital. He's been arrested CBS news with more in a live report at six o'clock, WWE news, time, five fifty one. It's time for Jeff Gilbert. Scar. Chronicles. It's the Mercedes of SUV's this Jeff deal with the Sadi's is redone. It's G L S, which product manager, Paul harm and describes as E S class of Mercedes utility line. It gets longer gets wider, just slightly taller infusion of new technology, including a simplified, command infotainment system. There are some things that are just basics including all wheel drive, and three rows of see they're also going to be a type of customer, that wants low tree, a very high level of standard equipment, so that they're basically have the enjoyment of a Mercedes Benz, the geo we'll also have some.

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