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I Maybe that couldn't really go as far as that one or two. And then when I did it hurt. So, uh, this guy that has got to get treatment and hopefully for the better. You will get an MRI this morning. Milwaukee now leads the series two games to one. Game Four is Tuesday night in Atlanta. Nobody. Westby News time is 6 17 air strikes authorised by President Biden Target command and control sites run by Iranian backed militias near the border of Iraq and Syria. This one was triggered because the Iranian backed militias are now using drones in what one defense official said is an increasingly aggressive way. Reporter David Martin says there's no early word yet of casualties. It's the second airstrike by the US against these militia fighters this year. Pope Francis meets with Secretary of State Tony Blinken today in Vatican City. Details were immediately available on what the two men discuss behind closed doors. During his morning visit to the Vatican. Blinken was also given a private tour of the Sistine Chapel reporter Sabina Castle, Franco says Blinken also meets with Israel's foreign minister in Rome, and today he takes part in the global coalition to defeat Isis CD vendors get into a beef in New York's Times Square and start shooting a 21 year old visitor from upstate New York is wounded by a req. Shame. He was standing up. He was talking and then they just put them on the on the stretcher and civil on. No one else has hurt. Police say no one's in custody Yet a shooter guns down two people in suburban Boston, Suffolk County, D. A. Rachel Rollins believes the gunman may have chosen his targets because they're black. These families deserve answers, and we will find out what happened here. Rollins says. Investigators have discovered hateful white supremacist rhetoric in Nathan Allens handwriting. Witnesses say it appears he bypassed white bystanders before shooting a retired trooper and an air for Course that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer declares an emergency in Wayne County due to flooding in and around Detroit. I gotta get out of here because I got to live. I didn't want to die in their drivers abandoned their cars and rising water. Divers are checking flooded cars for victims. After years of trying zoo Atlanta hatches A Lapid faced vulture chick lead bird keeper Monica Harp in tells WSB. This egg laid by Amanda is the first fertile one in a dozen I and I The whole building probably heard us screaming. The whole department was in there, and we were just hooting and hollering. The bird team feeds the chick round the clock for the 1st 10 days before its reintroduced to its parents. DNA testing will determine the gender and then a name. WSB news time 6 19 Next traffic update will get over. I 75 in Cobb County for you unless than two minutes. WSB meteorologist Kurt Mellish and his defendable five day forecast sponsored by Breda Pest management. They handle bugs.

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