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Decide you sound like a democrat saying that you're tacking for no reason, you sound like a democrat, Susie. Oh, susie. I don. I don't hate women. That's not true. I'm just trying to get to as many calls as I can here in a short period of time. That's all let's go to Phil Phil thanks for calling into the Vegas. Take phil. How are you? I'm doing fine. My name is Bill. Yes, sir. That's what I just said. Oh, bill. I'm sorry. Go ahead is Ron Charlier. Yes. He is. Yes. He's right here. Ask a question. Go ahead. I wanted to know if you remember the Mike Tyson Frank Bruno fight, you couldn't find a place to land doing your reporting. And I was a metric Pap standing there. I said you stand with me. Yes. I do remember that. Thank you very much. No. I appreciate that. Was that was that at the Hilton? I know that was at the MGM grand GM GM hill. How long were you a cop year in Vegas five years? Wow. Good for you. Thank you for your say. Yes, I was just gonna say that's pretty cool that help. The British fans in the stands yelling and screaming. Fight song. And they were always had Christmas themes. So mayo. Four Warren, a group go racial here. A group is going to come in and open up the coach. The British and everyone else British fans that was there was just drunk on us. Watch. It was pathetic. But they were fine. Well. Yup. Go. I moved here in nineteen sixty four. Open up the shell station, I'm west Charleston. And one of our customers was Trump over Columbia his name, and he came to us, and he said, look my brother lunch counter to American, but he has to have a job before he comes to America. What you sponsor him? Yes. Sure will sponsor his name was our cottiaux Saddam and cardio came and worked for us for ten years. He was a pleasure. He was gentleman. Yes. US citizen emigrated. Proper way. And it is always been that way. You have to bring our country. Loving bill. I'm sorry Bill. And by the way, thank you for that story. I appreciate it. It's not that simple Bill. It's not not everyone has the luxury like you. And I not everybody has the means to be able to cross the border legally and become a citizen of America. That is the point. I'm trying to make it until you're in their shoes. I don't think you can truly understand it. The reason why I have sympathy for some of these people. I've I've I've seen what they've had to go through. And I'm not sure Donald Trump has even though he seems to want to employ many of them at some of his golf courses. Why don't we take by the way Ken before we for we go sprays golf again, Susie talked to go. Go go golf used a nine iron oxide golf. I wanna get. I wanna get into a good debate with Suzy when we get moving to come back. By the way, she was. You but go ahead jump into it can before we take a break. I know somebody called in. And they had a comment, right? Is that what you said why don't you go on the air and tell us what the comment was. So everybody can your head. So it was a short and simple comment. Who do you think is about more time playing basketball in the White House Trump or Obama who do I think has spent more time? Well, that's a that's a dump common because you don't play basketball for four hours round of golf is four hours. I can tell you right now. Bama, obviously, it's Obama. But Donald Trump just spent six hours on the golf course on Saturday. I guarantee you when Trump picked up a basketball, he didn't shoot for more than thirty minutes. So that's that's obviously a dump Trump supporter who tried to make a horrific analogy in sorry. You lost buddy? That's a dumb common. Anyway. When we take them. We're gonna take a break. I'm going to battle it out with Suzy who is a big Trump supporter. You know? I got three Trump supporters in studio year, I can't win. But we'll take a quick break. We got a couple of callers on the line Al we'll get to your call. And we come back as well. If you want to be a part of this conversation, a buzz.

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