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Legal immigrant or as a citizen in some of ill i feel sorry for you because obviously you are living with people who you do not really understand it no necessarily they may be lovely people but if they're here lee here illegally well to me that's a problem anyway um the massachusetts state senate apparently will be taking up this piece of legislation and the house of representatives we'll be taking up this piece of legislation and if you wanna call lynn uh we we can give you phone numbers for euromps for used certainly for you state senators i have state representatives here as well but this comes other day of some very tragic news out of the state of indiana i don't know how many of you have heard this story but a in indianapolis colts football player edwin jackson he was a linebacker was killed early sunday morning let me let me make sure that we have uh all of this uh as a as accurately as we can four a m on sunday morning a edwin jackson was set was 26 other driver of the va michael who was also killed was jeffrey monroe he was fifty four now it is being described as a um not as it mujber driver i dunno might be in overdrive or but uh uh the football player showed a lot of i thought common sense we all he had these stories about professional athletes having gone out in partied in and had one too many and got involved in an in an accident well this particular of football player edwin jackson uh apparently whatever he was doing on saturday night uh he added mujber driver sold it that he would be able to enjoy himself uh and i don't know if the the player had had uh anything to drink i suspect he could have uh twenty six year old guy football player you know best bets legal at at some point he's in the car uh that's owned by the uber driver named jeffrey monroe and up i guess the football player edwin jackson didn't feel too well and sometimes that happens to all of us uh and they pulled off to the side of the road uh for the football player to guess get a breath of fresh air another ocean my do doing you're not feeling well uh.

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