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The blue on sunday let's do the all blew away hated the blue pants by the way giddy yeah whole final poll results who would you rather be going into 2018 broncos or colts sixty percent of you say the broncos and therefore sixty percent of you are wrong all right um predictions i give me a prediction all my prediction is i want the broncos the lose so bad but they're gonna win tonight in a place they don't wind very often it's making me so angry inside i'm going with the twenty four seventeen denver broncos i don't give score gases you should i don't you wanna be accurate i will take the broncos my mind is the era take the colts with the getting two and a half there is coats are getting two and a half yes i will take the colts plus the points that's not a good i am i ever wind who's going to win the game the colts will be guys and i want to pick the cold so much but i just don't availa they rose have been shut out for the first time in forever uh they have their longest losing streak in forever uh they've had all these historical bad things happened to them in tonight they're going to break a 14year losing streak in nb i don't see it i'll take the coal are you kidding yeah i'll take the cold all man i think i think bruce said is going to feed the broncos the ball all right we will see that's going to do a thanks to back east for their hospitality thank you to all of you for listening if i will be back with you tomorrow three on extra sports issued got s p radio sports beat from charlotte gears.

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