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Yeah i don't even people can join you two groups you don't even know and so when the group feature came out any normal founder would say you should not ask people to a group without permission right they did that because they're like oh that would be our competitive advantage we can take friction and what happens there is a case where the gay man's choir at a college the person running it added everybody to the group okay we have twenty gay men and the groom two of them were outed to their parents when jason just joined the gay men's choir i guess what mom your son's gay and this could lead to people killing themselves yeah yeah regard the lack of regard it just complete utter lack of regard combined with the utter lack of creativity and stealing from other founders no founder should ever sell a company to him what are you going to happen to them now during the thing nothing he crushed it i mean the fact that you know i think everybody was benchmarking his performance based upon the panic attack or whatever happened on stage with you yeah you know what i said i'm like he's an adult stop it like i'm the one who made him do that and i i didn't i was was bullshit that they couldn't make it use you're saying i said that the idea that he would have a panic heck was ridiculous it was just twenty years later whatever fifteen years he's the man i was saying he's a man stop juvenile izing it exactly and he's responsible for his own behavior and his behavior has been imporant you know i believe and so i didn't want to own shares in the company i and i i don't think he's good for silicon valley and innovation because he just comes to work and says listen i don't care what your ideas are evan spiegel are better.

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