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Oh i forgot to ask gary do we have any turnout numbers yet for the state of california i haven't seen those view were projected to be about thirty two percent but that was prior to the actual vote they were guessing by the way i just saw an email going around that they're offering some yoga classes here in the building now a couple of times week and some of you more inflexible type here on the armstrong and getty staff should might look into some yoga physically inflexible or or principal i'm the rare combination of both physically and in terms of all my principles or ideas ideologically brought some yoga pants early in the morning and get together do a couple of run throughs it'll help my push up i will not i'm good stretching i will not change my opinion despite all evidence and i can't touch my toes both let's get the news now marcia full of former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe is reportedly seeking immunity from prosecution in exchange for testimony about the hillary clinton email investigation cnn says mccain's lawyer made the request in a memo to senator chuck grassley grassley is the iowa republican the chairs the senate judiciary committee an internal justice department investigation into the handling of the clinton investigation is thought to be wrapping up as you recall mccabe was fired in march just short of a planned retirement with benefit right i've been trying to get immunity for years nobody's ever given to me how you pulled over for traffic tickets.

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