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The LA Dodgers at Fenway tonight the red Sox beating the Dodgers score eight one there was a brief rain delay late in the game but it got back under way for the red Sox to take it it's eleven await I'm sherry small now back to night side with Dan ray side with call six one seven two five four ten thirty four eighty nine to nine ten thirty join the conversation the news Washington never stops on WBZ newsradio the end of the week for me it's been a shortened week started off for a couple of days vacation thanks again to enjoyed rich who earlier this week and last week along with Nancy shack held forth here and allowed me to be aware of vacation before we get too well we just lost up was going to one of the call of that's okay Matt you would you would you got on but that's okay dropped off anyway is the twentieth our problem we need like a we we need some sort of a special cold open for the twenty of our wood on the twentieth our on the after the twentieth are the of the week means that night side although in this particular week not me that side has been here for your dining dancing pleasure for a twenty hours or almost burn a twenty four hour and we like to have a kick back and and and maybe do something a little different I think I know what we're gonna do this hour but will say and hopefully some of you will want to participate is that a fact I'm gonna tell them ahead of time what I'm hoping will do this hour okay it was recommended to me by one of our listeners and I hope that all of you would like to do this on your favorite summer movie it's as simple as that I will tell you my favorite summer movie and I want to know what your favorite summer movie we tried it just lighten up a little bit okay we like the apple of it because people are on their way home maybe they're on their way to the Cape maybe they're on the way to the Berkshires maybe they're on the way to New Hampshire Vermont remain or ever maybe down going down the Connecticut sure will keep you company as as we go along but before we give you a little bit of time here because we also in the twentieth our the last few weeks Nancy will catches up on stories that we didn't have a chance to talk about and maybe by Monday they will be gone so Nancy I'll turn it over to you you've got some what we call quick hits but stories that are interesting I don't know if you get a mention the Philadelphia story but that's one that I arms well I was not gonna mention that because of that we could still use it as a topic no baby will well maybe we'll get to that on Monday night so we'll okay so again if you'll want to dial in six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine to nineteen thirty your favorite summer movie that will be after the break first Nancy is going to tell us what we could have covered this week but we didn't for instance you know there was a brawl in the rose garden this week I saw that yeah I heard it I was listening bag you know recording this the president's speech because we use a lot of his cuts earlier and I heard people yelling but I thought they were yelling questions the president but then I realized he had left and it was actually a fight what happened is are that it almost became a brawl once a bastion Gorka got into a shouting match with the White House reporter in the rose garden gore got used to be a an adviser to the president and he was sitting in the front row with some social media I guess you can call the product provide a tourist during the announcement about the census while the White House press corps was forced to the back of the garden and after the president's speech one of the attendees told a playboy correspondent who up and who knew I did not know that playboy had I didn't even know the Playboys magazine still existed I didn't know either but apparently they do and they have a White House correspondent a his name is Brian Kareem and he was with the White House press corps not a drum favorite by the way no I I guess not and so one of these attendees told told the playboy guy don't be sad anchoring responded telling the attendees are that they are people eager for demonic possession I don't really understand why he thought necessary to that but I would not be eager for that now I I don't think I would be either gore Kevin shouted at Karim art and you're a journalist right come on over here and talk to me brother we can go outside to have a long conversations what Kareem responded so as we would have said when I was young he offered them out he did yeah it is a great phrase nor has said that if one really good all round about gore Cather walked up and shouted at him you're not a journalist you're a punk a man basically people had to pull them apart there was a fight snappy comeback yeah there was a fight in the rose garden who knew who knew that could ever happen okay he's not in San Francisco big giant case of nimby you know it may be is not in my backyard well there's an effort to block construction of a new show homeless shelter they now have over a thousand homeless that they know of and San Francisco and that some pretty wealthy San Franciscan residents have launched a a crowd funding campaign to block construction of a homeless shelter and their waterfront neighborhood as they have an input there a new tactic arguing that homeless people are bad for the environment yeah this idea so this is save the polar bears take a homeless person out that's that's what they're saying in San Francisco next time they tell you you know you'd almost think that was hypocritical would yeah but you know it's because people in San Francisco no they could not be that it's impossible for their incapable of hypocrisy yeah no no no yeah this is interesting it's for an entire Colombian city is being exercised by a Catholic bishop that's a good thing that's a good thing I well I can't hurt really I mean a Catholic bishop is plain to exercise the entire city this weekend to meet everybody's gonna be out doing jumping jacks while they're sprinkle holy water from a helicopter you tell when it actually says I am all I get the behind me Satan I thought we gave he was gonna exercise everybody I do you see them out there on the plot saw no mind senior out Ruben Dario Jeremy lot month toria he's the bishop of what of and Ciara will say a prayer intended to purge the area of demonic infestation the city has been beset by violence drug smuggling and poverty among tore you disclose the exorcism out shortly after a ten year old girl was tortured and murdered this is this is for the second time that you mentioned demonic activity in the house and this is something you know to see six six six anywhere on I see that on Hillary Clinton's forehead what I'd stay away if I were you because it looks like trouble a Texas doctor says American Airlines nearly kicked her off a flight for an inappropriate romper and it's been a Houston woman and the romper is not a two year old it is not it is a jumpsuit that shorts shorts are you know shorts and top attach basically she says an American Airlines crew told a cover up or risk being kicked out for flight coming home from vacation to Jamaica teacher R. she's a doctor by the way and founder of a telemedicine service posted on Twitter and Instagram then in American Airlines crew in Kingston removed her briefly and her son from a plane calling her romper inappropriate and threatening to remove her from the flight if she didn't cover if you happen to be African American I think this is some allegations of racism and not just racism Sajjan isn't to be used well shortly after you they used to be a song who wears short shorts that's true I saw a picture played that they're not that short I mean they're they're short but I've seen worse I've seen a lot worse a lot worse on a plane sure so I think she may not be wrong because there didn't appear to be any reason to give her I think she has to be said give me a blanket and cover up I mean it wasn't she got she was it's a wishy she's in Jamaica I mean Jamaica mine is going to be a little you're going to be a little informal I last time I went to Jamaica they had to pry the red stripe from him before I can get on the plane so I mean I understand that it was a it was a nice holiday now here's one one more one more okay so Boston is mulling something to make Alexian day easier for everybody there mauling making election day a holiday for city workers under our proposal aimed at increasing voter turn out do you think that's what I just for city workers well because it's up to private workers where they want to follow suit or not the city can only control city workers no I know that but that seems to be inherently unfair that city workers would have the if they're not sure that the it got all incumbents no I don't want who's making this recommendation let's see counselor Matt o'malley during Wednesday's council may not surprised at that okay price that that I know Matt o'malley yeah good off a little it's going to create a new paid holiday for the city's workers I would think they should get double time double pay for that day or they can okay well you know you go out for me okay I think that they get you a double pay for that day because that's the one day in the year that all that they're on the clock that you know they're actually going to do something they're gonna vote they're gonna voted through okay okay so what that's not unreasonable I hope that the counselor basically clues that double pay for the holiday because not only is it a holiday but they're expected to vote and I mean that's a good the house that could take up a good portion of the day yeah I mean this is yeah it's a it's a five minute walk for me to go about so I understand but you're not a city worker you don't know well I those of the quake hits does a good ones I like those let me tell you a particular the bishop good for him one adventure after he's going he's going up there in the helicopter that helicopter in the holy water in a shaker he's going out going take care everything problem with the helicopter blades you throw the holy water that's good no no no it might just blow it up you know I mean it's gonna come down at some point water comes down I know but but we could get trapped in who knows everyone is a range safety okay so we go back we got open up the phone line six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nineteen ninety eight thirty let's lighten up people it's summer we're past the for the July summers on what your favorite summer movie maybe the best movie ever sars a kid at a drive in or maybe the one movie that in the winter time you want to snuggle and watch because all of a sudden the transport you from the dog days of work dank in darkness of a January night into the summer I know my favorite summer movie we'll find out Nancy's favorite rubble let us know what his is you gotta play along to check it out let's see gets get it going six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty favorite summer movie.

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