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That's able some o'clock top ten o'clock tonight system we did so i think you're going to say yeah whether it's very very well said in in a great point you making is are a lot of people are working the holidays not because they want to i there you know the have to because hospitals have a close police department's despite apartments you know they don't close you have to staff them all the time in and some people get stuck working the holidays right you're and and one of the thing is i didn't get competitor more glamour's that we green are yeah you're yeah it's unknown score turnover even more did you like the gone yet i mean that's that's so long ago used to be i mean i and so so but it's a break it earlier because you working too much richard and i've ever did but under the voting for about hard nosed an accident but that's that's beside the point early if he worked so well but business cover and in doing so but that's the you know started where been a weird one of the big arm folk ranked everybody that works you could do what you know and everybody if you've usually like you you know it is they're got hurt i mean you know what's so that different come a new year veteran last year to this just look and thank you richard appreciate the call off and you down very well said and and and very well put it there are a lot of people that work on the holidays that we take for granted nurses staffing people staff hospitals they don't close to what sixty five gacy year twenty four hours a day seven days a week it's they're always open police department's fight apartments and a lot of people have to work there are a lot of kids who gronk without seeing their parents on the holidays because they have to work and that's it that's that's not always a choice that's a requirement so there's a lot of things that impact the holidays and that's one of them but i want i i want echo were richard said it's salute to those people who put in the hours in work on the holiday so that the rest of us can enjoy a holidays which is what we hopefully june we appreciate that i'm going to do one more call with bill from and over bill you're on the you attempted a welcome curt casali.

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