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I can't trust mike ryan's business vacuum in on where to price these things all i'm about to tell your story about mike ryan from the weekend at his horribly embarrassing but it explains why it is that he can't be put in charge of of this stuff so mike ryan was in new york this weekend and he goes in and a guy is very nice to him in the sales department of some sort of grooming operation and selves him a brush mike ryan feels guilt about buying a beard brush but buys the beard brush only and exclusively because the sales person was so nice to him but mike ryan thought the beard brush was going to cost ten dollars gets to the front a cost sixty five dollars at the tiny brush mike ryan feel shame but not enough shame a and cheapest to put it back he hatches a scheme in his mind and decides that he's going to return the brush wednesay gets back to miami so that he's going to take care that guy there but because he's never gonna have to see the guy against getting now a thumbs up a sausage thumbs up from steele god's which is all a for all of us the worst ally you can have on any of the things at any time god says heady play or way to go we all feel deep deep shame annex dig out too strong and you did you feel like i am doing sentenced to god's would do this isn't good i think all you're seeing is a sinister portions of this set the heart of it is i didn't wanna hurt the guy's feelings after i chatham opportunity minnows the road to art browse is paved with good intentions.

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