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Man take it easy. Yeah thanks jeff. A pleasures always come on and thanks for all the writer. Dai crew still hanging out not tanking the ratings with me on here never never man all right in a big thanks to michael back for taking the time on thursday night to join me to recap the game and talk about all that i wanna finish this up on friday with my heart to heart. I always do and what i want. To tell. steeler fans is kind of the way i started this show. I understand that. It's the first action of the pittsburgh steelers in two thousand twenty one. It was a nationally televised game. It was against the dallas cowboys. Don't tell me it doesn't mean anything. We all know that means something. Don't draw too much into this game especially when you're talking about i mean think about this okay. Think about on offense offense. You're looking at no ben rothlisberger. Four out of five players on the offensive line or not projected starters. The wide receiving core of juju smith schuster chase klay played. They didn't play that much. No ebro farm youth. It was just the bare bones. Okay just the bare bones on defense the only projected starters you had roberts bullying you had camp sutton and you would probably say that alex highsmith would be a starter as well so when everyone wants to jump to conclusions about this game about these performances and i know that i just ran off all the winners and losers nowadays is about when i when i think about that. I want to say that you know. When i mentioned a winner or i mentioned a loser. It is based solely on their performance in this particular game and i tried to keep it from a very individual tried to keep an individual mindset. Is i tried. Not to generalize the entire defense based on the fact that keith butler doesn't have tj watt out there. he didn't have steph onto it cam hayward tyson malulu devon bush mink of his patrick tyrrell admins joe haden just basically named the entire defense people. So we're all excited clearly. Steeler nation is excited. Our website binds. Your current dot. Com is is literally blowing today. It's great to see people that are back involved in in invested in the steelers again my writer dai crew is as loyal as they come as loyal as they come. I'm telling you what they are people. That are just it. It doesn't matter to them. They are going to be here no matter what but it's also great to have some people coming back and i know that it's not for everyone not everyone likes to all the steelers every single day of three hundred sixty five days but it's good to season people coming back in the pittsburgh steelers. We're able to win in the hall of fame game and that's always a good start winning correct winning correct. It's always a good thing. So you know how we finish to your folks binding so curtain dot com should be one-stop-shops all pittsburgh steelers. Make sure you check it out. Also wherever you get your podcast or steelers or behind. The curtain subscribe follow. So you do not miss a thing in as we always finish it out here folks be safe be kind and god bless. Have a great weekend. We'll be back on monday to talk all things pittsburgh steelers take it easy. Wanna know pre.

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