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The forecast from the wcbs weather center sunshine mixed with some clouds this afternoon warm but less humid than yesterday high of eighty four partly cloudy seventy six degrees at post time for the belmont stakes at six thirty seven then we'll turn out rather cloudy tonight with a shower or two around mainly across central and south jersey a low of sixty four i'm meteorologist steve travis and the wcbs weather center right now in the bronx under fair skies seventy nine degrees in brentwood it is seventy six in east brunswick eighty three in central park under fair skies calm winds humidity fortyone percent it is seventy nine degrees more than just the headlines this is new york's newsradio wcbs newsradio eight eighty president trump on his way to singapore to meet north korean leader kim jong hoon he calls it a one time shot for him but he's up domestic a ban on styrofoam back in new york city judge rules the mayor axe gas prices down well yeah from last week not so much from last year he and sports it's the mets and the yankees again tonight at city field it's fair and common eighty degrees on saturday june eighth good afternoon i'm mike sugarman w cbs news time three thirty one to to to to to to do my own sound effects and we go to belmont the belmont stakes peter haskell have you laid your bets down yet the bets have been placed we are ready to go mike funny story let mother line never hear from her she texted me this morning i hear going online yes can you place a bet for me short justify back in her good graces bet not justified she wants justified city want to save the ticket as a souvenir you wanna cash it no no of cash it's done taken care of nothing to worry about got all kinds of bad justify.

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