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I can't live in this i remember 1999 2000 yeah the lakers had checking cobian predicted a parade in la after the lakers got national dwight and said they were a lock to win that incite something that's that's brian alvarez i've he's never led me wrong brian average at bb alvarez 25 jeb sure he knows better but the the in ninety nine two thousand the lakers that was fills first year here yes during the regular season i went on keiko they went seventeen of their last eighteen games and i said if you're laker fans don't make any plans until the end of june because this teams go into the finals and they're probably gonna win it and people went unit realized to chang kkob but in the team for four years they've they've never won they could swept out of the playoffs every single year i don't know what you're talking about and then in the very first round the taken to the limit by sacramento and they almost lost to portland yet in the end yes they want it i get the same field with the dodgers and if they're gonna win this the biggest game with portland since game 7 of that playoff series wouldn't you say biggest game with portland since that game seven this is big this is because that game there was no championship banner on malign tonight tonight reina devi man the order this champagne hang that banner yeah you don't think the blazers are overreacting with their hashtag beat la hashtag beat la they don't like 1130 giving it they're giving it the exact right amount of important you think so 100 percent.

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