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Before we go before we today she calmed out my hair she put into magic pieces so i some pieces in my hair which are stacking it up so that i can stay up today get a use a lotta hair rules um they're no sides conditioner which is a cleansing their cleansing cream i also love a a use why ucs luxury moisture uh i use leaving cantu on amelie by now saying they become karagwe they better no the target audience that support them i that i also i also love of i love a lotta oil oilseeds he's lot of moroccan oil products and love of any of his ru good um and all the living conditions you can think of oh i miss jesse sella miss jess he's a soft the pillow soft curls that's a good product we tell me again philosophically i also love nice jesse is pillow off girls um it's kind of like a creamy gel so gives you just a little bit of halt real good all right i love it health on leapt janik montjuic getting all the tifa my hair and do this so that get rid of these grace in this gan can we talk about the game for second or budgets and had oh no no i worked on my skin really i had i have like acne prone skin in so for me y'all believe i do naidoo as i said here with is it on my face i do acne your fauna a the work that it i worked on that yes retina micro is a lifesaver okay every other night i'll cut it in mixing it with my pole dot in with my concern keeps that skains swapping off okay i ha i love a lot of the mario badescu products in terms of the the um pimples opera products i myself with or call no there's the want the pink events and there's the one with that just the buffering lotion which the when you squeeze onto whitehead so there's a white had ones and there's the one for the cystic acne.

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