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From NPR in WBZ. I'm Tanya Moseley. I'm Jeremy Hobson. It's here and now for the third time in history. The House is expected to vote on Wednesday to impeach a a sitting president to articles of impeachment. Pass the House Judiciary Committee along party lines on Friday with all democrats voting in favor and all Republicans voting against it doesn't doesn't look like the Democrats will have that kind of unity in the full House. Joining us now is Danny Weis. His former chief of staff to Nancy Pelosi the house speaker and a senior fellow at the Century Foundation. That's a progressive. Think tank in Washington. Danny how many Democrats do you expect will vote against the articles of impeachment. We don't know the actual number now. That Congressman van drew is indicated. He's going to become a Republican. There are still probably a small number of Democrats could be anywhere from one or two five or six but Those numbers will not be known until a little bit later from now. was that a surprise to you. About Jeff Van drew of New Jersey. Who is leaving the Democratic Democrat Party? he is one of just two Democrats who voted against an impeachment inquiry back in November. It was a surprise. I Know Congressman van drew had the opportunity ready to sit with him for about forty five minutes right after he was elected when he came into visit Speaker Pelosi in November of twenty eighteen. And we had a great talk and learned a lot about his district in his thoughts thoughts and I was surprised. His district is not as conservative as some other democratic members Who have not indicated that they're going to oppose the impeachment articles and who did vote for the impeachment inquiry so it was a little bit of a surprise in that regard? Well if the Democrats lose as you say maybe five or six other people. Do you think that that hurts the case for impeachment. It doesn't hurt the case for impeachment if you get A substantial number of Democrats voting for it it It will still send a very clear message that the president violated the Constitution by asking Ukraine to influence the two thousand twenty presidential election in his favor. I think the reason for the Democrats going forward regardless of the fact that you might lose a few Democrats is that for the speaker and I think think also for the majority of the Democrats in the House. They believe this rises above politics. This is about the constitution. Having made the decision to go forward with impeachment because they believed it was necessary now. The challenge for the speaker and for the Democrats is to manage the politics going forward but the decision to impeach wasn't based on politics. Why do you think we're not hearing the same about a number of Republicans who might Cross party lines and vote in favor of impeachment there are a number of house. Republicans who won just barely. It's really one of the most fascinating things about The politics of President Donald Trump. I mean he has a total lock on the Republican Party. I don't think even the speaker anticipated. Just how much of a lock he would have when she first announced That she believed impeachment should be carried out when the evidence is overwhelming coming and compelling and bipartisan I think she believed that in fact there would be Republicans on board as well but the president. He's a very unusual president and he has total control control of his party. I want to finally ask you about the Senate trial. Senate Minority Leader Chuck. Schumer has asked for four witnesses with direct knowledge of the events. Senate Majority Leader Republican Mitch. McConnell has said he'll follow the president's lead as he sets up the process for a trial. Do you think that the Democrats are making a mistake by putting the whole impeachment thing in Mitch. McConnell's hands so quickly. There are some on the left who believe the democrats should just hold onto it not have the vote yet and drag out the process. Keep the investigation going my sense. It's better to get it done quickly for a couple of reasons one is we clearly saw this with the Muller report the attention span for the American public is limited. They've been asked to to pay a lot of attention to the president's transgressions his corrupt activities Charges against him the investigation. Not sure how much longer you can ask the public to pay attention to this in a way that's helpful and then of course The two thousand election is already underway. And we'll be even even more so Next year it would be better to have the impeachment trial behind the people running for office and for people trying to make sense of the election because the election as as you know it will not just be about impeachment it will be about healthcare it will be about climate it will be about gun safety and Immigration and national security from my standpoint. You'd want the public to be able to have an opportunity to really sift through those other issues as well. One ask you actually one more thing. which is that as you know? The president tweeted out something about Nancy Pelosi and her teeth falling out. Do you think that. How do you think she reacts when she sees something like that well takes a deep breath? She probably laughs. Absolute Bit She gets these comments Directed at her all the time from the president and from the entire Republican political apparatus. Bradtha says you know in the twenty eighteen campaign I think I don't know the exact number one hundred and fifty million dollars worth of ads. Were spent Vilifying in her and demonizing her. So she's very adept at Hearing those things said about her and continuing her work she is an expert at compartmentalizing activities. He's so she's very good at keeping those things separate you recall. I think you probably talked about it. The comments you made the other day when she was asked if she hated the president and she said that she doesn't hate anyone that was really true. She doesn't have time for hatred. She has time to get the work done and then go about other things in other other. Departments that is Danny Weis. Who is the former chief of staff to Nancy? Pelosi now a senior fellow at the Century Foundation. Thank you for joining us. Thank you to India now now where there have been days of protests some of them deadly over a controversial new law that gives citizenship to non Muslims who enter India illegally to flee religious persecution and several neighboring countries some of them Muslim majorities. India's Prime Minister Modi today appealed for calm unbear- San Toroshin with the BBC joins us now from Delhi unbear- San We've talked about this law on the show before but remind us again. What exactly does it do? The Indian Goldman in past this new law called citizenship amendment. Bill Act last week that has cleared widespread protests across India it has got a few elements which many people disagree with for example it says non Muslim people from neighboring countries like Afghanistan Pakistan and Bangladesh and if they flee those countries he's due to religious persecution and their application for citizenship will be fast tracked. They'll get easy access to get citizenship. The Muslims have been excluded that is triggered anger among a wide variety of people in India. Say India is a democracy and you cannot discriminate. People on the basis of religion on the other hand India's northeast where Bangladeshis a neighboring country for the states and Osama and other places where they accused there have been lot of infiltration or people coming over from Bangladesh. Over the years they've settled and because of this new law they're going to get citizenship that will affect the demography the region of pilots within people having feared about for example in the US a migration from Latin America affecting things in the US the same way people in awesome. Feel that you know. Foreigners outsiders coming in taking over the land and jobs yes. This is also controversial in part because Prime Minister Modi represents the Hindu Hindu nationalist party. Can you talk about that context. Many people in India believe that The new citizenship law is favoring mostly Hindus who came from Bangladesh during the country's civil war in one thousand nine hundred ninety one for example they point out that the Hindu population in the sixty seventies was much higher and because of religious persecution institution. Many people came over to India in Assam state and they're able to get Naturalization Process Naturalization Papers so this is going to benefit tolu mostly the Hindu community because they're very tiny number of other communities like the Buddhists and Christians and Jane's they live in these three countries but what people people are asking is if you are really concerned about religious persecution in these countries then you should also think about Muslim. Religious minorities like accommodates in Pakistan. Gaston they claim that about religious persecution in those countries so that is why many people think this is a Hindu nationalist government. Apart of its agenda you know. It is promoting that Hindu and that is why it is implementing this is triggered anger among Hindu Muslims in India. And they think that the government is pushing for what take gender and if it continues they will be treated like second class citizens in their own country. And that's why you see a large number of Muslims taking part in protests in the past few you days however the government firmly denies those accusations on it does not legitimise that's what the government says these protests we've seen the pictures in read the stories. They've been pretty violent. Can you describe some of the demonstrations that have been going on across the country. The protest daunted last week in the north east of India because the people are so angry because people were telling various government leaders that they will not accept this citizenship. Act Bill but the government went ahead and passed a law despite eighteen conversations with various stakeholders that triggered violence in the northeastern part of India. At least a six people were killed in clashes with security forces and Internet Internet have been shut down for the past. Few days in this region on a number of people were injured and the army was deployed in the state up in a few areas and in the neighboring state of West Bengal tall also. Many roads were blocked and the protesters were out in the streets and at least a sixty six however in the capital Delhi The the protest was largely peaceful on Sunday. But the police say that Some fire engines and buses were set alight by the by a small group group of protesters. So the worry for the government is it spreads further to other Indian universities he becomes a student protests. Then they will find it difficult to contain being this you mentioned that Folks are are just upset because the law was passed without any consultation with the public What do protesters want the government meant to do right now? They want the law to be overturned but the government is firm. It keeps on saying that no this was long pending. It's long overdue. Even these non Muslim religious minorities cannot be accommodated in India barrels. They can go so this has to be implemented the BBC's unbear- Sin Toroshin Russian..

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