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From Bellevue, Seattle, it's thirty minute drive on westbound I ninety it'll take you just half that amount of time. If each is west five twenty instead are next. Komo traffic at eight forty four. Look at the weather, here's meteorologist Abby, Coney keep the jacket and the Wranghult with you, as we go throughout this Thursday, highs expected to be noticeably. Cooler compared to what we've seen recently and enough on either side of sixty degrees later this afternoon. We will have mostly cloudy skies. Keeping in the possibility for isolated showers, and even some afternoon thunderstorms where there could be some downpours, gusty winds, and even some small hail, the best likelihood for this happening over Snohomish county where convergence own could be developing overnight tempts down to the upper forties in the low fifties, I'm meteorologist Abby Cohen. The KOMO weather center. Partly sunny in the Arlington area right now in Forty-five, Olympia, forty-seven here in downtown Seattle, mostly cloudy and fifty one. Komo news time, eight thirty six. Good progress is being reported on that big wildfire in central Washington. The one in grant county, Ben Shearer with the incident command. And see says the blaze south of Royal city is now fifty percent contained after burning up nearly nineteen thousand acres of dry grass and sagebrush and a few outbuildings some level, three evacuation orders are still in place will grant county sheriff's office drop evacuation. Levels down to two or to a one and we opened those roads had been closed to firefighters suffered minor injuries earlier this week, but no homes have been lost on the seventy fifth anniversary of the d day invasion. Some say allied paratroopers.

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