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Channel two action news meteorologist Brad Knits 95.5 WSB now 72 degrees in midtown Atlanta As we check the morning drive again. Here's where McCain can explain it. Scott. Now the crash that had all lanes brought 85 southbound in northeast Atlanta left side right side of the roadway, but at least lanes are moving very slow. Back at Georgia 400. If you're rolling in from bucket just get off at Sidney Marcus used the beer for spring connector into midtown. Don't get back onto 85 same story for rolling out of the Northeast on I 85 out of the cab county. You can also use Peachtree and Piedmont to get into Midtown crashes. Midtown Atlanta on the connector of both off to the right about 25 concerns. Ashley Fresco. Oh, my goodness that had all lanes blocked and police are pacing traffic for some reason to 85 eastbound. All lanes are now slow getting a descent. He springs at Roswell Road in the outer loop, of course, using the brake lights. 25 West past Ashford Dunwoody traffic brought to you by northern tool and equipment. Northern Tolan equipment now hiring if you're looking for a job with competitive pay and growth opportunities, applied northern tool dot com backslash careers or at any store today, triple Team traffic 95.5 WSB by for the five day forecast, you can plan all the way through the weekend here just a moment plus marking the 20th anniversary 9 11. Catching up with those in metro Atlanta who are impacted in some cases, people who were there in New York and now here battling to stay alive that and more in a moment. According to research 82% of people remember radio ads. That means that 82% of you listening right now. Remember that this is an ad for Zip recruiter. If you're hiring 82% of you were recalled Zip Recruiter makes hiring faster and easier. And.

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