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Not a clue. Clue. Also, he's a fighter who Very talented fighter! You've got tattoos on his face all over. He's a guy that like you know. He's a brawler. really hard to put out, but his social consistent like he fired his camp. His girlfriend's trainer girlfriends like sixteen I mean. She's nine hundred young Lexi's younger. His his ex girlfriend is posted on Instagram, saying that she's in me to buy them, he got. He was in a bar fight a couple of weeks ago where he beat up. Old Guys with real guys I think a couple of deserved it so he just seems like an out of control, guy. Rich. Animated it's actually. You know. No very rare yeah? That I think the best thing is. He fired his girlfriend. That never works rain I one thing you don't have your your loved one. You know your family member it in in the training room. You know you don't even have it in the fucking locker room before. But. Ever got them. On that as your trainer, your real! Well, no! His. His girlfriend is his a current trainer. And cornerman and Quarter Min. That's a mistake around now we we were having a We a bait on whether or not 'cause Dana White says the winner of fate or no the winner of Cormier. Curse is a steep a is greatest heavyweight of all time. We think failure is the greatest. Time, who do you think wins out of out of those? FRY. Your. Talk about aside from Don Frye. Should be fucking is to be. Played. You Fade Orange the. DC or Steve Bay wins. I don't know it's obviously fate or having. was around when the competition was. Right when he fight them. We fight every four months. RIGHT IS A. Three years or months Gary Back. You know so Elliott beat the hell off our bodies back there for pride. You know plus the competition so. There's there's no comparison. Think steeping. Dirt each other's only cup. In Gano. Conversation? They'RE NOT CLOSE TO FAILING Right. On the gun I'll come on. How did he do against? Stipe last time. Yeah, but that was before he. He knew how to defend a takedown. Then then he's not. He's not the greatest. You don't come into the PUCK and show if you're not ready to fucking go. Yeah, yeah, well. Yeah, but you guys. But some of the guys that you fought weren't ready to go. That that fuck! But. What But some works or Ano- now. US You'll see I'm sorry in a UFC when I was doing, nobody knew still just getting their feet wet. You know I mean. The first the first seven nobody had a clue what was going on. You know. When I came in. Third going around different caller you know embraced arrogant. Their clues to what's happening. Right right right and Or was in a I mean. Like his opponents were tougher than the ones that Steve based melt wig, and they would tougher them. The ones I've. Yeah. I'm asking. That's what I said earlier. Yeah I mean. No stress. A guys those guys steep and cormet their only competition. There's nobody else out there for yeah. No I agree I think I think also like. A bunch of guys also that were seemed like they were juice to the gills. She I mean. You know I. It was like the Belt Song. The. Looking at random and random was the best I damn athlete to step into the cage. And then injury, he still is, he's still the best athlete you know. This physical specimen and And he, they dropped, fade on sad fate or just roadway right Alvin. And then fate or be cro cop come on. Yeah now we're with you. Why did so you don't think Dana White doesn't even acknowledge that? Does. He acknowledged that no I don't. Gain goes on he's. A. Guy Thing before he invented the UFC. Right. I mean had never heard him acknowledging. That's what I'm saying I'm like why not give props to the people that actually made fucking sport Bild level it is. because. Until. I mean data acknowledged like soccer Allah I mean Dana Dana. Put you into the hall of fame, or did they? Says they. fucking years as all claimed that around. I duNNo. I, think no data White Dana White definitely all I know is don your speech was amazing the you? During Your Hall of fame speech you talked about wanted to bang. Mecer Tate thirty seven times in your speech. Go Down as Bad as the greatest hall speech ever. And what's wrong with that? Wasn't my hall of fame. I was that was what is inducting soccer rob? Wasn't my hall of fame seats. Holiday, you know. Was All tongue in cheek and understand. Yet you would try to get your cattle. You wanted your tongue in cheek. Come on. Now. All right so I got. I! BIGAZZI JT money. Out another really tough Guy Jesse Taylor joining bound FRY weaned. Jesse. How's it going man? Awesome and it's an honor to be on with dog FRY lesbian. And this Joint San Diego right now pretty hard. To. WHAT THE HELL! What they almost to. Your head boy. Odd. Let me. Know! Here bottle. Double Door knocks couple. North. Toward. Life Yours. Right now, Jesse. Straight during. I. You still get workouts Inter. What? Yeah. Yes, still got submission. Underground grappling botch on the thirtieth of August jails Chelsea. League. For I'm grappling..

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