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And there are countless questions that are left unanswered. You know why didn't Don junior testify. Why didn't the president testified those parts of the reporter redacted was it? Because they plead the fifth or told they were going to be pled. The plead the fifth. I mean impeachment is a political process. It does not have to arise to criminal conduct to constitute impeachment grounds. So if the American people, and congress were to here, for example, that the president of the United States was invoking, the fifth that, that could be something that could be considered many other questions. So, you know, having Mr. Moore, speak today was, obviously very telling and it raises a lot of questions and, and gives the American people feel for what happened, but testify under oath in front of congress would be that much more eliminating, I think it's owed to the American people and congress, gene Robinson set wax. Thank you both. So are Democrats responding to mullah's new statement tonight by pushing for impeachment? We have that story, also the man who played Muller himself Robert deniro teaming up with prosecutors in a bid to get public attention for what Miller said, and what to do next the director of that very video joins me later on the beat this hour. Rob reiner. But our top story tonight, the day after Bob or broke his silence is something that you may have seen before. It is a pattern, the Trump administration has settled on when dealing with Bob Mueller. Sometimes explosive in negative findings. Let me tell you exactly what this is I call it. The molar sandwich like any sandwich. The title comes from the meat in this case Muller but team Trump figured out a way to blunt what they may as the bitter taste of Muller's media evidence by sandwiching him with a lot of bar. You remember there was a lot of bar before any of them will report came out, there was more bar during that unusual press conference to upstage the RIC. On the very day it came out. And now that Bob Mueller has spoken for what he says he hopes to be the last time. We'll guess what Melissa sandwich bar out today. Again, muddy getting Muller's careful explanation of how the rules prohibit indicting president because true to the sandwich bar is making his own news. And he is the attorney general. So what he says matters, and he's claiming that Muller could have reached a decision on that very indictment point. I personally felt he could have reached the decision in your view. He could have reached a conclusion. Right. He could have reached a conclusion. The opinion says you can indict a president while he's in office, but he could have reached a decision as to, whether it was criminal activity. But he had his reasons for not doing it which he explained and I'm not going to argue about those reasons. Just think through bars claim right there. He say he would prefer that Bob Muller conclude that Donald Trump committed criminal activity on obstruction without indicting him. How can I say this nicely that's very hard to believe. And also, if that is what bar preferred and demanded he could have demanded. It far was Miller's Boston till yesterday. He could order mode update the report with that very decision. If he wanted he didn't. He made the decision for himself. But when he didn't make a decision. The deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein, and I felt it was necessary for us as the heads of the department to reach that decision. Well, I mean, he seemed to suggest yesterday that there was another venue for this, and that was congress. Well, I'm not sure what he was suggesting..

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