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Of hundreds of million species many of them at risk the united nations says four peacekeepers have been killed and several injured in two separate attacks in mali in the first three peacekeepers from nesia died when they came under fire near menaka in the west of mali several extremist groups operating mali all of them linked to alqaeda news from the bbc the security forces in parkistan have found rubber bullets and teargas to disperse protests from an it's an israeli especially paralyzed the capital islamabad for weeks dozens of people had been injured as protests some wearing gas masks threw stones at police around 2000 this blocked a major highway causing huge traffic jams they've been demanding the removal of the low minister tzahi hamid after he omitted reference to the prophet muhammad in an electoral of at least eleven people have been killed in a fire which swept through a hotel in georgia's black sea resort of batumi officials say the victims all died from inhaling few said the tragedy story lou grant hotel another ten people were taken to hospital mostly suffering from the effects of smoke they caused the blaze is not uh gene the canadian prime minister justin trudeau has apologized for the deep harm suffered for decades by thousands of indigenous children had staterun residential schools in the province of newfoundland labrador how many said they were physically or sexually abused the prime minister was visibly moved ag described while the children had suffered punished for speaking their language prohibited from practising their culture the children were isolated from families uprooted from their communities and stripped of their identity time magazine has contradicted president trump's latest in which he said he had turned down a request for an interview and photos shoot probably being named the magazine's person of the year time said that the president's was incorrect about how it chooses its person here and that it does not comment on the choice before publication the former editor the magazine went further saying the use of the word probably meant mr trump had missed out on the accolade the abc news gene it's eight six gmt welcome back to weekend from the bbc world service.

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