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And on down the list, it really provides a detailed window into the way that different athletic departments balance sheets work. Daniel libet, with a deep dive on some of the things that we've always suspected that this is a big time business. Daniel, thank you so much. Come back soon. Thanks for having me on Paul. Thank you. The best business sports reporter out there, Daniel libert will take a break. Ken Smith Meyer, the judgment expert, and in the final hour, retired general Vincent bolles, remembering Veterans Day. You were listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. We welcome you back. And Ken Smith fired joining us in the next hour, Daryl is up next in Georgia. Total wall. Hey there, Daryl. No, when Veterans Day comes around, I always think about my days back when I was a marine and I always, it always goes back to Iraq and we got ambushed and taken fire from a sniper on our right blank, kill one rain. I had a buddy across over the road. And we found a cyber and kill the sniper and he come back and he ended up getting hit by RPG and he killed him. He ended up getting the silver star, which is the third highest award you can get in combat and just, you know, most respect all our veterans, all those that have served in our half served in our served. I mean, nothing is blown up. In this country, since 9 11, and there's a reason for that and it just, you know, much appreciation for what all of them guys do. Paul, now we'll talk a little bit about Tennessee and Georgia. I went and watched the Kentucky Tennessee game Paul. What is going to say doing so great a lot is I saw Kentucky missing a lot of tackles. I saw Kentucky details not having their eyes in the right place. That's not going to happen with Georgia. Let's not go because this defense is only mission. They have got to win this game, because they need us on their resume to go undefeated in the conference, which hasn't been done since 1982 for Georgia to be considered one of the greatest defenses of all time. And I just, they're not going to make they're not going to miss tackles like that against Tennessee. It is not going to happen the big dog is going he will consider to Paul. I know you not want to hear this, but it's not going to be smoky, okay? It's not going to be smoky. It's going to be over. And let me say one more thing. I heard yesterday with someone, Joe's iPhone, or whatever his last name is. As coach of the year, why? Just to just be, this will be their real philosophy here. The whole thing gets a year because why, you got blown up, Florida? Usually blown up by Georgia. I mean, what is what has changed? I mean, you're 75, you're 6 mistakes or 75 or 6 and 6. You're still Tennessee, and hey, as far as Florida goes, and then there's only two type coaches that go to flora. Those equipment and those that get fired. I don't know which category damn Muller is going to end up being. But we will find out, but it's just a matter of time for he's out of there. Maybe to the NFL, probably the weekend. Who knows? And start a Tennessee coach call. You know, stay there. As soon as the Oklahoma job comes available, here we all eventually. You know he's going to say like all the other coaches there. He would get fired early in the country, Oklahoma. But to this thing, just keep bumping him down. I can not wait to say it he gets here. I can not wait till we get to the end. And the big deal is going to. Never heard that call before. Houston is calling next. Hey Houston. Yes. Wow, hey. Take my cow. My suit, I've been out, I've been trying to get through for an hour and a half. Nap it all for 22 minutes. Well, I'm glad you made it. Yeah, I'm here. Way too much time invested to just let this thing go. Hey. That one guy that fell in. That's something that was Colin Elliot. I was talking about a Jimbo leaving now. Doing how about now? Is irrelevant? This is Jimbo's rearview. We don't care about that. That guy was acting like Bo have something to fear with pictures and that LSU is a better out. Why would you leave the kingdom of Texas on Peter the universe? Well, the athletic director did what woody was about now. Maybe I understand you went to school at LSU, but he still left. I know a lot of people that went to school places that doesn't mean they necessarily go back. That's true, but guess what? Jimbo is building an empire here, fellas, so let's look at that. He's putting it building the empire fell. And that's the thing with college football right now. Everybody wants instant gratification, but you got to put the work in to get where you want to be. Well, you have to remember Jimmy. He's already won a national championship, so it's not like he's got anything to prove he's beaten Nick Saban. He's had a pretty good run. Hey, thank you for the call. Didn't convince me, but I'm glad you called anyway. Lance is up next to hello Lance good afternoon. Hey, good afternoon. How you doing? We are well. Thank you. Just real quick. Well, first of all, I want to give a shout out to the veterans. I'm a veteran myself. I just want to wish everyone a happy Veterans Day to the men and women that served our country. Thank you. And along with that, so we've heard a lot of talk about Jimbo fish. So I'm gonna take Zayn and fan. And as far as him leaving, I really don't think he would leave for the simple fact that last caller said, he has this so he built an empire. I wouldn't go as far as to say that. But he is that team on the right trend moving in an upward trajectory, which I think is very important for the state of Texas. And with that being said, there are no longer the Texas longhorns little brother. They are standing on their own two feet and they're doing very well in the SEC. I know we had two losses this year. But with that being said, no one is scared or frightened about Oklahoma or Texas coming in to the SEC. Okay, if Jimbo does leave, which I don't think he will, why would you want to go and try to spend another three, four, 5 years possibly to build up a very, very desecrated L is new program to try to bring them back to prominence, which may not actually take place. What are your thoughts on that, Paul? Yeah, I will tell you, I do not understand it, and you can not convince me that I'm going to leave my home where I or my family lives where the people have treated me like a king, and I've already accomplished a great deal to go follow my buddy who's the AD there. I mean, this is not high school. This is the big leagues and there has to be there has to be more to it than that. And having spent time 6 days ago in College Station, I didn't sometimes you go someplace, and you know it's toxic. You know it's over. There's a place in particular that maybe leaning toward that. But College Station is not it. That place is ascending. It's not going the opposite direction. We'll take a break. Two more hours to go..

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