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Would. But then next door is the treasury building. And so we were walking by there, and we're the president's landlords. Go ahead. So the in front of the treasury there were like a bunch of. I think there were high school kids you thought they might middle school high school. Yeah. So like bunch of high school kids just all lined up in a row at one side of this like walkway area, like a wide thing like a street that's closed to traffic so you can walk around and so Jimmy just lined up next to them. Not next to him. I got in the line. Yeah. He got it. I got between two kids amongst the kids lined up. Clearly they were lining up for a race. And we didn't know what the race was or what the what the deal was with it. But then suddenly the teacher guy chaperone guy was just like all right, go. And so Jimmy raced about fifty children down the street. I did tell me you one. No, he the way I should not win much younger than me with a lot more energy. How I came beat Compete a a few few kids. kids came in beat more than a few. Thank you, all I was what was it for like what they were just renting just having fun school outing, and they were having fun. Okay. I heard here's the getting rid of some energy. Okay. Yeah. I didn't know if they're all going to be matching tee shirts like race. It wasn't doing a Fisher. To share this later. I can't really pointed everyone here's Jimmy also you'll find out when you hear the lineup said why Jimmy has a pink hoodie on. And then as a kid on the side here thinks he's slick he's like, I he thought he had like a little. Serious about humor for humor. I also was scared that they were going to say, hey, you, wait a few kids read it. Yeah. You're the top third. I would say there was one kid. I I won't be able to tell you who it is. But there was one kid that I just like unbeaten him. That'd be took them out. Give them say anything, do you know? That's why I was so serious anybody like who brought their dead. I was being serious for humor for the video. And also, please. Any contact yet? No attention to you. Or the fact that I was filming there's like this is duly normal. We're normal is a bunch of kids deciding to have rain in the middle of the. Yeah. Of course, forty year are gonna join us. They don't get it. You are a DC forty. There's no question about that. And I mean, the aircraft. Do you? Remember when you were a kid. Eighty. I remember now when I think back to things like when I re watch the TV shows whereas a kid like the people that TV show or clearly younger than I am now. But as a child, I was like this person must be like sixty the perfect one recently. It's coming on t- designing women. Yes. Sixty Carter was only like forty two in that star soom. She was like seventy. Totally grandmother. Then why else kuechly coming engine? They've already got the old lady Eric dirt. She was forty two. Yeah. Yeah. We're reasonably talking about how George Burns was like in his forties. When he started doing that character. And it was like not even old. Anyway, get done. Thank you. Yeah. I was trying to convince Jimmy that he should start. There's a void in the comedy world. Now of like, there should be another gold guy up like, Don Rickles, George Burns or. Yeah. Like, I feel like Jimmy should just embrace it like he's not old really. But he could do that. He's he's a KOMO things from the seventies. Falls occasion. Yeah. Barney Miller is another great example, like all the all the criminals on Bernie Miller, look like they're in their seventies. But as an a thirty two year old I shouldn't have to deal with this thirty two..

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