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All right let's get inside katie sack off that's my line it's my two side of us michael rosenbaum's not filmed in front of allies to do audience so tell me about your stockers i don't know who it is they just doesn't even name it wasn't like merry christmas love the woman no they're just you know since i started dating my boyfriend the laurel this stocker gone up a little bit yeah yeah karl urban urban they're women years now yes it has something i didn't know who you were dating and by the way if you don't know first of all thank you for loan it'd be inside of you see so welcome i'm sure carl's fine i've been waiting for this moment but carl i'm always been attracted to that guy oh my god she's dating that guy from star trek but he's so like is he anything with bones as character in star trek dry like that sort of like he had he does have a dry sense of humor i mean for the people that know him we get like all aspects of him that are quite magnificent but he's he's he's also very serious like he's just sort of you know serious yeah he make me uncomfortable i don't like serious folks no no he's not that serious that sir no no but so right before rob my producer yeah here these taking pictures of us booking but he didn't know star trek was didn't that is not what star trek you didn't know who bones was.

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