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A second Qatar Airways flight traveling from Kabul to Doha today with 158 people on board, according to a Qatari official who indicated this was part of a larger plan by the government in Doha to get these evacuations moving. This flight had passengers from eight different countries, including the United States on board and now that they are in Doha. They'll be processed at a facility nearby That's hosting They're evacuees before they are Allowed to return to their home countries trade yanked in Pakistan near the Afghan border, The White House says 19 Americans were on the flight and the two other U. S citizens and 11 permanent residents also left Afghanistan by land traveling to a third country with help from the U. S government. But for now, apparently, no more Afghan evacuees will be coming to the U. S. The Associated Press reporting a halt to US bound flights from two main bases overseas over unspecified health safety concerns. The report cites a government documents showing that customs and border protection made the decision on the recommendation of the C D. C. Apple says it hasn't decided yet. Whether to appeal today's ruling by a federal judge giving a win to Fortnite creator Epic Games, which accused Apple of antitrust violations in its APP store. Federal Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers has struck down some of Apple's APP store rules restrictions on how the company can collect payments in apps. The ruling says Apple cannot bar APP developers from including buttons or links. That allow users to pay outside of Apple's system, which charges commissions of up to 30% boxes. Jenny Castle, a Apple says it doesn't think the ruling requires it to let developers implement their own in APP purchasing systems. Reacting to the ruling, US Senator Amy Klobuchar says legislation is still needed to address APP store competition issues..

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