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So I go and play golf right now. Go out, work out. You know what I don't have to do push the little wiry stems and I have any wires dangling anywhere. It is awesome When you're making video calls. What you making regular phone calls. Nice noise, isolating fit. Absolutely incredible. Normally 202 125 bucks or something like these well under $100, and I must save you more, because that's what I do. So what you waiting for? Go right now. By Ray Con Dotcom's Last Chad. Buyer, a con dot com slash chat. The best here butts around period case closed by rake on dot com slash Arizona's new station. Use station TR on Air 92 3 FM online at dot com and streaming Live on the Katie Our new zap your Breaking News and Traffic 3 32. I'm Jackie Lynn. Here's Our Top story. Arizona. Folks, President Trump and Joe Biden are only 24 hours away from their first scheduled debate. Valley political consultant stand, Barnes tells Arizona's Morning news. The president has been under the gun for the past 3.5 years. So getting grilled in a debate is nothing new for him in fighting shape, meaning he deals with this stuff all the time. And Joe Biden does not. And I think it's got to affect by his own personal, confident air will carry tomorrow night's debate live starting at 6 P.m.. You will have Landed coverage afterward. The FBI and the cybersecurity and infrastructure security agencies want to ease some concerns ahead of the November elections. Cyber threats to voting processes could slow but not prevent voting. That's Craig Martin Jell O with the FBI, he says You should not worry about cyber attacks during the upcoming election was very difficult for a born actor or cyber criminal model with the actual vote counts because of decentralized way Americans cast and require votes, the agency You say there are currently no reports to suggest any interference is happening, but they are prepared. Should it occur. Gabriel Dominion PTR News. This's not serving this is murdering you guys Murder my son. A family of a 21 year old shot and killed by police Friday is asking for justice. New details released today show uncle beneath this complied with police but was shot after he dropped his hands out of officers view. The attorney for the family is asking for body cam footage to be released. However, officer's direct We involved. We're not wearing them. Why weren't they wearing body cameras? Why?.

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