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Prominent guys unvaccinated and he worked and what he did was he worked to build consensus towards getting it done and two were done and we know we all know that. There's one who isn't and all they have tried to do is say here's why you should. And then finally. They said to him okay. Here's what happens if you don't and understand what this is going to mean for you and what is going to force us to do and i think that's what new jersey is trying to do. I think they're looking at this and they are saying. Hey we're trying to be supportive. We're trying to understand what you're thinking. Here's all these resources that you have. We need you to do this. What i don't know if they've done yet is if you look at the devil schedule. They go to ken and nine times this year. A lot of them are late. What did jackie's tell us a week ago. We want to be playing in meaningful games and started to hear more about some of these conversations like there was one team who called up a guy in this was one of the players Who wasn't like a top player. He was sort of like a guy who would have been around the sixteenth to eighteenth player on the roster and they said to him. If you don't do this you're going to the miners. And you're not coming back. You know edmonson after trying to sort of gently squeeze archibald towards it. They basically have said to him. This is what could happen to you in new jersey as corey said this is a prominent player. You know. I always try to think of a first of all. What would i do if i'm in that situation. There's a lot of people who are listening to this podcast. And and i don't wanna get into this. I'm vaccinated that's it. Everyone of my family who's eligible vaccinated. That's it but i think there's a lot of families out there friends out there that they've had the strain of people who disagree in their group of friends or in their families right and the strain. It can take. I've heard in some of these cases like even the players who are unvaccinated who have family members who are vaccinated. I've had a couple of teams. Tell me that they have seen like just or even players who are vaccinated with family members. Who aren't like those same conversations that are playing out on social media or in our own families these are happening in the nhl to and they've seen some some really sad examples of how that's affected people and just because we play sports or excuse me. I don't play sports. Just doing my driveway just because they play sports. It doesn't mean that they're immune from the same arguments and fights the plot everywhere else bite. I think one of the things that happen edmonton was. They went to these guys and said we need you. You're going to let our group down. I think ninety nine percent of the players who weren't vaccinated who eventually vaccinated. That was why they were told. You're gonna let your team down. And i think a lot of guys said. I can't do that but i think that's what new jersey's events are going to say here as you look at our schedule you're gonna miss schemes that we hope to have their meaningful for us is your imagined were in the race. And you can't play there and i think that's what's new jersey is trying to say. Do you not also get the sense though that can haul and going back to edmonton though also said to these players. I stuck my neck out for you. That's what i would have done. I ask someone if he is. He did because he did did big time. I asked someone if he did that. And they kind of laughed and said he really tried not to make it about. It would be so tempting. Wouldn't it do after all i did for you. You do this. Like i was told that he tried to avoid that like okay. Let's look for example at new jersey schedule okay. So new jersey ends the season at the end of april. The last day of their regular season is april. The twenty ninth. So they play at ottawa on the twenty sixth. They play at ottawa on the seventh. So that's two games in ottawa. In april in march. They've big canadian trip. They have add vancouver. Fifty that calgary six long at edmonton nineteenth at toronto on the twenty third like inbetween inbetween. Another going back to play the rangers and then they're then they're in detroit. So i that can make or break your season and then and then the other thing that you know someone to be here was that there are people in the league who are starting to get a little fed up with this. I don't know how many people read the rolling stone story about the nba. On the weekend. It was really interesting. Story like kareem abdul-jabbar. Do i think is one of the smartest people alive. Sent an email to the writers saying that they should just say that if you're not vaccinated you're out and there are people in the nhl who do have that opinion. They're like we're tired of this. We wanna move on. Life has start going on. We don't need this. But i think what a lot of cases what the teams tried say especially with some of their better players is. This is supposed to be a team. Sport and your teammates are depending on you. And what happens if you let down your teammates like jerseys case in march on a big canadian road trip if you can't play follow this one Saint louis blues a trade and the general manager gets reupped. Logan brown's act sanford Logan brown finds a new home. Goes home to saint louis Zach sanford.

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