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Well one was legitimate one. I didn't think it was a very good call. But whatever i'm in washington was on the wrong side of missed facemask against antonio gibson which was in a grievous miss The other thing that came out of the game per pro football focus or nexgen. I forget which one it was. My son's sent me this Is that the offensive line had a disastrous day which we all know that the pass protection was really bad and that sam cosmi in particular really struggled and i wanted to make this particular point and i think it's a bit of a reach so i'll concede that going in but sam caused me was targeted by this Team's front office and won coach in particular scott turner who really liked 'cause me he really liked elijah more the receivers from old miss that went to the jets early in the second round. He really liked the army brown. He really likes sam cosmi before the draft before the second day of the draft. I said 'cause me and brown. Elijah more are three players that washington would love to get one of those. They got two of them. They got causing me end. Yami brown Cosmi played incredibly well all summer long in practice training camp and he won the right tackle job. You know they had. They had a rookie in the lineup the other day because of how well he held up in practice against the likes of chase young and monteray sweat now again. That's practice. i understand but if caused me wasn't consistently doing pretty well against the likes of sweat and chase young. He may not have been in the starting lineup on sunday while he was in the starting lineup on sunday and he faced joey bosa. That is a top tier elite defensive. End right now. Pass rusher outside linebacker in a three four when they're in in thirty four. That's what an elite pass rusher. Looks like i'm not saying that chase young and montanez. Sweat aren't going to be joey bosa. Nick bosa t. j. watt chandler. Jones jones had five sacks t. J. watt had two on sunday. And i'm also acknowledging i understand the sax stat is can be a little bit more misleading than it has been in recent years because of how many teams are getting the ball out quickly but tj watch still had two sacks on sunday and chandler. Jones had five. Joey bosa was wreaking havoc by himself all day sunday. I think chase young is going to be that kind of player. I am predicting chase. Young will eventually be that kind of player and i think montas sweat can be. That player was a huge mont de sweat fan in college at mississippi state and i thought he had a great year last year. A big step forward year last year. But they're not there yet. That's the point. They're not there yet. They did not buy good. Finally i mean i think the crowding of chase young has just been too premature. I think he's going to eventually get there though. Tom i do i mean i in less would be. It would be shocking. If he doesn't it would. I be shocked if he doesn't but you know he hasn't done it yet. No but he. He was a much better player year than the statistics said. It's why he was the defensive rookie of the year. There was an acknowledgement that he was truly a difference maker any was for this team but he was not a difference maker on sunday and he was not a difference maker in the playoff game against tampa bay. He was more often than not a difference maker last year. The defense as a whole had their best days against the worst offensive teams that they faced and they're not facing those teams this year. At least not as of now so the defense to me it was. It was a big. There's a red flag on the defense coming out of sunday. I want to see a dominant performance on thursday night. You saquon barkley did not look like himself sunday. He's clearly not ready They could not run denver's defense in washington's defense who've been compared to one another the two teams have been compared to one another teams with good supporting casts outstanding potential defensively well-coached defensively but quarterback is an issue right while denver. Completely shut down the giants on sunday. They shut down sake one barkley. The giants couldn't run the football. They struggled to move the football. The giants were you know they. They had a key turnover another daniel jones key turnover. He doesn't seem to turn it over against washington but he had a big fumble in this game. And the broncos bloom out. I didn't see the game. Mac and act like i watched the game. I'm talking about what i've read about the game i'm gonna i'm gonna watch the game before thursday's show to have a little bit more on the giants On nfl game pass but they better step it up thursday night. They needed one effing. Stop on that final drive and third sixteen and couldn't get anywhere near impacting the play. So yeah you're right about chase young and the rest of them most of them on sunday now he had a couple of good rushes He got held once and he and an unlike the tampa game he was game planned for sunday. They were chipping him. They doubled him at times. They realized what he could do. But tj watts getting doubled to and i guarantee you chandler jones and some of these other guys are getting doubled in chip times too so at some point. That can't be the reason you don't end up with double digit sacks because your game plan for the entire year that can't be the reason the real great ones they overcome that the tj watch the jj watt. The nick boasts the joey bosa. When he's healthy. They overcome all that so he's got. He's got to play better than he's played in his last two games for this team at the same time he was. He was a beast at times last year. He was against. Nick mullins in some of the other quarterbacks that they face that weren't so good but nut nobody in on their defense in the last two games has reminded anybody of t. J. watt of aaron. Donald of myles garrett You know nobody's approached that level. And i hope that they will soon you know. But he's only in his second year but he's you know and i think he'll eventually got there. Okay what else do you have on the game. Now nothing you say. He's only in the second year But he's treated like royalty and he hasn't done anything. Well i mean myles garrett in his first year in cleveland had seven sacks okay four three defensive end seven sacks in year two it was thirteen and a half then ten then And by the way then then the they're the injuries and then the suspension remember the suspension at the end of twenty nineteen So he's been double digit sacks the last three years as the same kind of player. I think people would equate chase young. The same kind of upside potential disruptive defensive end kind of a player He's gone thirteen and a half ten..

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