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To june twelfth in singapore we may have still more surprises down the road and the president gave no timeline for deciding whether to reschedule jim chenevey cbs news denise time five oh four that's a venue democratic lieutenant governor nominee john fetterman is not shy about his style and size stance rather on gun control shared his reasons why with just a nudo need to dan those sales of assault rifles betterman the mayor of a small western pennsylvania town who carries is no stranger to close encounters with assault rifles he had one with a jogger back in twenty thirteen two series of salt rifle rounds going off i had to make three splitsecond decisions that got my son inside i called nine one one says the third thing he did was grab a shotgun and go after the person he thought was responsible i made the decision to confront that individual no gun was ever found in the jogger was allowed to go free i don't think there's anything would have changed i made the decision letterman says if anything that running help solidify his stance on assault rifles i don't think framers of the second amendment ever envisioned weapon is fearsome owes assault rifle and the fact that a private citizen would need or be able to purchase a dozen or more of them to hear this interview on full visit our website just the nudo kyw newsradio farmer pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is one step closer to prison after the state superior court upheld her conviction on perjury yesterday hey better bureau chief jim melwert has the story among the arguments that state superior court rejected kathleen canes claims she should have been allowed to present pornographic emails from two former assistant attorneys general the discovery of those emails uncorked the socalled horn gates scandal the higher court upholding the decision of a montgomery county judge who declared those emails would simply mislead the jury cain was convicted of perjury and obstruction in montgomery county in the summer of two thousand sixteen she was sentenced to ten to twenty three months in county prison in october of that year she's been free on bail pending her appeal she can still petitioned the state supreme court to take on the appeal if denied a prison report date could be issued at the suburban bureau jim melwert kyw newsradio.

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