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And I really think it has been hard for me to think about it already being December, right? So how are we already closing out another year? Time still feels very, very weird to me. I look at my calendar and I think didn't I just have this meeting last week, but it really was three weeks ago. I really feel like I have lost the complete ability to delineate the passage of time. So the kids are back in school this year, which helps me to kind of have a bit of a schedule and understand how hours are passing, but in terms of days and weeks, all of that still feels incredibly fuzzy. So I feel like so much of this year has really just been me completely consumed by book writing and book editing. And I think that most of us would agree that any time you are doing something new in your career, something different, then it is a different learning curve. And I feel like that definitely has been the case for me this year. So for those of you who don't know, if you have just joined the therapy for black girls community, I am currently writing my first book, sisterhood heals that scheduled to come out in the summer of next year. And it has been quite the journey. So I'm very, very excited to finally share with you all in the summertime, but it definitely has been a lot to get here. I think it was just a very different process than anything that I was used to. And so in a lot of ways, it has felt like writing a dissertation all over again and for anybody who has written a dissertation. You know that it is not the easiest process. It's a lot of back and forth. A lot of okay change this and edit this. Let's rework this. And so it has been very, very consuming. So I think that that is in large part why time has felt so fuzzy this year is because it has felt like I have been very much hid down in the writing and editing phase while the rest of the world just kind of continues on the outside. So y'all know that I love a good TV show. I love catching up on all of the new shows that y'all are watching. There have been some really, really good shows that come out this year. And so in the midst of writing, I have tried to reward myself with episodes of a favorite show or give myself the opportunity to check out new shows as they come out. And so I felt that it would be good or maybe helpful to you to share some of what I have been watching as we prepare to perhaps have a little bit of time off for the rest of the year at the end of the year. So if you're looking for a good show to binge watch or add to your watch list, I do want to share a couple of the things that I have been watching. So that you may check it out and we can have some conversation around it if it's something that you're interested in. So the first two that I'm going to share all of the episodes are out and they are just great drama and lose yourself in a show and like what's going to happen lots of twists and turns and beautiful cast. So the first one is reasonable doubt, which is on Hulu. So it is the story of a woman who's an attorney. There's some family dynamics, a love interest from the past. That kind of enters the story. And again, just lots of great drama, beautiful cast. Michael ealy, who, of course, is always just a pleasure to see on the screen as one of the actors in the show. And so that was just a great show to watch again just because of high drama. I had a chance to kind of get to my girlfriends. It really invested in the storylines and we all were watching it together and chatting about what we thought would happen for the finale. So if you're looking for a good one to add to your list for this holiday for some time off to your watch list, reasonable doubt on Hulu is a great one to check out. The second one that I just started watching, so all of the episodes are up on Amazon Prime, but I am not completely finished yet, so y'all don't spoil anything for me. Riches is the newest one that I am watching again. Beautiful cast about a family in the beauty industry. I could imagine this perhaps being like a fashion fair kind of family or the Johnson family who has been in beauty. But it's a great, again, high drama, lots going on, lots of internal kind of family conflict. Lots of juicy kind of thrills to kind of pull apart in the last episode that I watched was really getting to a good point so I'm excited to finish so that I can see what actually ends up happening. So riches on Amazon Prime is another great one to check out. A third one to add to your list if you haven't already is sex lives of college girls on HBO Max. So the second season just started a couple of weeks ago and it is one of the funniest but not like fallout laughing kind of funny just like super humorous and like just great writing in the actresses and actors are doing a great job. So sex lives of college girls is about four women roommates who are in their first year of college and just all of the things that you experience in your first year of college. So just a great story I have really enjoyed that again. The second season just started. So you have a couple of seasons to watch if you enjoy a good binge. The next one is one that we have covered quite a bit here on the show. Queen sugar y'all know is one of my favorites and it's probably one of the most beautifully shot, beautifully acted shows that has ever been on television. So it just wrapped up its 7th season and the final season. So the series finale premiered last week in just was such a beautiful and moving tribute to all that that show has been. So it's the story of the border alone family is a family in Louisiana. So a lot of the scenery felt very familiar to me, it was actually shot not very far from my hometown, at least some of it. So it's the story of the borderland family. And all they go through after their father passes in their efforts to kind of stay close as a family, but also to keep their family home and their family land. So you see all of the trials and tribulations that they go through with the people in their community but also as a family unit, but the finale was just superb. Probably the best finale I have ever seen of a TV show. And I won't, of course, boil it for you, but I will just say that the closing song of the finale completely took me over the edge. Bawling for at least ten minutes. Just beautiful, like the timing of it was beautiful again, the scenery is beautiful. There are 7 seasons, like I said. So if you're looking for something to really commit to over your break, then I definitely would encourage you to check

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