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Without further delay. Here's Today's sneak peek of the. Ask Me Anything episode into their. Ask Me Anything or AMA episode. This is number fourteen. One of our previous. Ama's I mentioned how I like to think about lab ranges and I might look at them in a way that it's not necessarily congruent with the way the themselves talk about them and I talked about doing potentially an episode about looking at labs and such so. This is that episode so this is pretty big topic and we actually didn't cover as much as I thought we would before we ran out of time on this episode so in this episode. I talk very broadly but I think comprehensively and in a manner. That's helpful to think about labs about my framework four. What labs can inform and what they can't inform and again even though that took longer than I thought it would take. I don't think it makes sense to get into this discussion without starting with a foundation. And so I think you'll find that interesting and hopefully it's the type of thing you don't have to go back and revisit over and over again but sitting through at once is a really good way to say okay if I'M GONNA go to the trouble of doing advanced testing what am I learning. And just as importantly what am I not learning? We then go into a couple of cases around cardiovascular disease and that's pretty much where we run out of time on this episode goes by really quick. And we're going to do is come back and just pick it up on the same thread going into other sorts of cases so at the end of this episode. I talk about what we're going to come back and visit and of course if based on this episode you have specific types of lab questions or scenarios. Maybe as a more important I think about it that you want to dive into. Please let us know. And we can obviously add that to subsequent episodes so before I started have to obviously give the obligatory disclaimer. Which is at this. Podcast is for informational. Purposes only does not constitute the practice of medicine including the giving of medical advice the use of this information the materials linked to it in the podcast are the users own risk of the content of this. Podcast is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Diagnosis or treatment users should not disregard or delay in obtaining medical advice for any medical condition. They have so with that. Said and without further lay. I hope you enjoy AMA number. Fourteen role podcasters. Welcome.

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