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Yeah but there's so many of, them but they're switching them. Out there was one, really really sweet when you could see it on my Instagram, page which is current This is exciting, have you posted Because your last, post was during the juice cleanse. I. Know which, was months ago yeah so yeah but there is one and I was afraid that. It was going to bite me I swear, this thing has like one tooth you know how, you like year at the top you have like five teeth. Across the top of your mouth they just have a big unit to. Just, look, like a Uni tooth yes so but, the owner of this particular goat I was afraid, it was going? To bite unlike is this yours and she just went up and? Kissed, him right. On the mouth no the? Mouth, so, she's in time out. No no I kinda liked. It I thought. It was sweet Kiss on the mouth right? On, the mouth. That's the dumbest looking animal? 'cause, Llamas. Have got to be. In the on the shortlist I had a I had a pug Pugs just, look like are. Up, to no good and, they're adorable, yeah but sort, of, like you. Know I don't. Know Llamas they're beautiful? They are gorgeous would you agree Ryan the wacky they've got the beautiful eyelashes in giant is friendly a goat and a sheep. And l. a., draft all got together Whereas horses majestic Oh man it. Was really nice one of the guys to the horse barn, opened his, little And allowed our kids to. Go in one and. A time to the horse and this. Is a. Big old, horse too so they. Went in it was very exciting for the kids I love I love how passionate the folks, at the state fair are who come. Out, with their animals and their livestock, cetera how passionate. They are about it. And they love welcoming state fair doors to just come in tilts answer questions and they take real pride in it I I find it to be. Very just just great we love the horse. One thing I wanted. To know because some of the horses. Have like I don't know they've got.

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