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Than you did in high school i be too all with assad is all an allusion to the point where there was this one tide right while the story that book in the poor woman i bear through the might right i dropping by undof its goal were relate as you know whatever i got a flat tyre or me you know i forgot one of my hit that homer you know whatever why we come into go over danny allied and i get up and furnishing mrs rodriguez on those bari where late you know we accidentally you know whatever you and he looked up and hit the market that she says an you are there you know before it really hit me mom rich that though i mean if you make it worse she was horrible a record i decided no makeup on my hair with what he was talking about how horrible i love meanwhile when i come to pip i'm all occupied as we call era odds fun and i did my you know before tight draft with the fake eyelashes and they hurled hair and the whole thing and they think of it totally eight hu literally big i'm a totally different and and i wanted to share that with the world because we hope our fouled rubies impossible standards that are not real right that's the point of me saying it and ina appellant you have hideous might the army well they might eat are so horrible there with armed in the bunions than they it kale it i didn't know what arches weren't lifestyle them on someone else's but i was so jealous my husband that i had that everything he said or not ugly their gm wild any threat of wrapping them and i was like i'm hearing that banned i'm keeping him wild only not letting you'd get away known at santiago do that yeah it's important for people to know the thing we've got a lean in culture right now where every if we lean at any harder we're going to fall uber helped meeting down take a load off and have a black wine i seriously was he that's what i.

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