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She hadn't told me she was having fun. So that's why the success was what pushed Ronda Rousey. And so it was so refreshing and amazing to hear her come forward with the information. It wasn't so much the successors. The fact that I was having a good time doing it, which is great and something you got to keep in mind like somebody like Ronda. Rousey financially doesn't have to be a WWE superstar. The UFC fights that she had were big money fights. The movie roles that she got big money movie roles, and by the way she's. Talented, athletic beautiful. She could easily maintain a career in acting if that's what she wanted to do. But she came to the WWE and I mean, I, if you're watching programming, I think it's obvious to me that this is not either comparisons and I was on the shining wizards podcast this week, and they, they talked about Ronda Rousey being the female Brock listener. Ronda. Rousey is not the female Brock Leser, and I think that it's an unfair. Comparison that's made only because she was also a dominant m a fighter. The same way. Brock listener was dominant may fire. That's kind of where the similarities end Ronda Rousey loves wrestling. Run. A recipe loves WWE, Brock listener in no way, shape or form loves WWE. When you look at Ronda. Rousey a young girl can sit there and say, one day I want to be like her. She's a role model. Brock listeners not a role model. He's a freak of nature, Brock, listener and Ronda. Rousey are two different things. Ronda Rousey is wrestling on raw. Brock listener is maybe wrestling in Saudi Arabia. If you give them a huge payday, let there's no to me. The only thing that Ronda Rousey and Brock listener have in common is that they both came from UFC and to think that if Ronda Rousey was intended to be the female Brock listener, why would she smile when she comes to the ring? The reason that Ronda Rousey smiles when she comes to the ring is to remind us that she is not a monster. She was actually a human being that is getting to live out a dream that many of us watching would love to be able to live out nothing about what Brock Leonard does allows us to vicariously live through Brock listener because the reality of that guy is not the reality of any human being that we've ever encountered. Ronda Rousey is there for people to live vicariously through and she happens to be Unal, eat level world athlete, you know, but she's not. The intention is not to portray her as some kind of genetic freak the way it is for Brock listener because I think Ronda Rousey. And the people behind Ronda Rousey would like her to be relatable to people. So I think that that was a great addition to the conversation that chain obeys are brought up. Is that Rhonda's here? Because she loves this stuff and because it's fun to do, and it's the same reason why Shane is here and really the same reason why Shane is successful is because she's enjoying what she's doing and it's clear, but I love that conversation. I mean, we've all had and we could probably do a whole show. That's really what the captive audience bonus show. The pops up on patriot dot com slash not Sam wrestling is all about is showing somebody who normally wouldn't be watching this stuff. Some of your favorite wrestling matches. There's not one of the great pleasures of being a wrestling fan is introducing other people and friends to some of the favorites stuff that you've watched maybe for years maybe for months, whatever it is. But I mean, you know, I've had I work on series with Jim Norton every morning and. I had my buddy Troy Kwan who's a producer on the show. Also, you know, how does the production for this podcast, the intro out tro and all that stuff..

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