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Haiti's mercedes am june eleven really been allow levin one eight know it has a levin eighty hand 80s imaging's and one alfa romeo gdp no one else who is this guy a weirdo i mean there's i i actually met a couple i met a fan who was one of more socially awkward people i've ever met before but he and then he goes i had to say what i have it he had like two hammers be do you know the guy no no we up we'll have amer coming as you julian area we just got a selena that i really had another a hammer ten years ago when they were fifty granted noone gave of fog so you gotta silin fox bodies those are done lightning rat like an eighty by orion selanne fox body that rare rarer beer we also want to mention that bikes are encouraged to come and you get a discount if you bring a bike it's wasn't rat bite brad by grad by grad by my my friend goes around in the midwest every winter and with a trailer buys like fairly shitty 80s motorcycles on craigslist nice loads up this trailer brings us back to la ngo storage unit at one of the time he feels these mother fokker's into his apartment rebuilds them in his living room sells them but he's sitting on a couple of gatey's cafe rachel i should get a result but aid there's a guy do some a guy who runs around la whose collects 80s like via farzin and bmw bikes.

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