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Update on Josh Ellen status in the concussion protocol as of yesterday tomorrow media day bills at Tennessee Sunday at one. the league Pittsburgh over Cincinnati pretty easily last night Mike Tom one Steelers coach said James Connor is being evaluated with an ankle problem for this game Connor had receiving numbers Jaylen Samuels had eight for fifty eight a touchdown receiving last night they had that little wild cat thing going a little take the snap pitch in a foot forward overall passes and it just totally screws with fantasy football like those are old man's place Gina sandals through a bunch of passes in this game I don't know if you noticed officially we have the cowboys saying or Jerry Jones saying that. lineman Tyrone Smith is unlikely to play against green bag is Green Bay wi five wouldn't rule out Michael Gallup poll and the giants released Bennie Fowler and TJ Jones two receivers that were with them when the bills play them the Sabres are still two days away from their season opener in Pittsburgh had some news on the coaching staff front this morning assistant coach don Granado is in the hospital with severe pneumonia and has been forced take a leave of absence from the team while he's away amber said coach Chris Taylor is taking his place on the Sabres pension board to me and will take over for Taylor and Adam mer also will assist in Rochester with the HL team west Seneca native lease that mia is retiring after fourteen year NHL career played with ten NHL teams scoring two hundred and three goals and four hundred and sixty nine points and sharks forward Evander Kane has been suspended three games for abuse of an official in Saturday's preseason finale baseball playoffs begin tonight the one game at a wild card is Milwaukee at Washington eight oh seven first page you can hear that on ESPN fifteen twenty next update in about half an hour. it's so easy to listen to W. G. R. sports radio five fifty at home or anywhere anytime just ask your smart speaker to play WG are five fifty..

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