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But i think it's a little bit of a risky plan. Just because of how bad they played in the injuries that they sustained. So that's my thoughts from like the packers perspective. Now let's go over to the lions side of things and listen there. There's not a ton of guys that you particularly would start on your fantasy team in this on this team. But i do think that jared goff could have a good game here. The offensive line for detroit is know improved. And that's the key with jared. Goff is if he has time to throw he's gonna put a points he's going to put up points and he's gonna you know he's gonna throw it around and he definitely did that against the forty niners and listen. He doesn't have the supporting cast that he did on the rams and you know it's understandable that you know you're gonna see a dip in production still played really well against the forty niners and this is a team. That's been giving him problems over the years last couple of years since the forty niners really you know went defensive. Heavy got some more players like d ford. The day on there are different team than they were. When jared goff in the rams were running the division out there in the nfc west. But you know. I think that he will have a decent game against the packers because the packers defense was just it was awful and i think that they're going to have problems stopping. Tj i think tj hodkinson. You must start this week. And he was really good against the forty niners last week with the production that he had like twenty one points from one of my league. So you know he's a guy that you definitely would wanna have in your starting lineup for this game. Also looking at the running. Backs jamal williams. He was pretty good and so was swift. Both running backs produced last week against the forty niners and right now swift he. He appeared on the injury report. Most likely is going to play. But it's definitely something to keep in the back of your mind when you're thinking about you know if you want to start him or not. Now i think jamal williams is definitely gonna wanna play well against his former team so i i mean i think if you would start him i guess depending on how deep your league as he could definitely be a flex play. I think the andrea swift could be affleck's play as well. Maybe an rb to. I know for me this week. The andrea swift the only team that i haven't actually no. I do have one another team. But i had them in my flex position just in case you know. He doesn't play in this game. I had damian harris and christian. Mccaffrey playing iago rb one in my rv to for this week. But i flex spot in that league this kind of a revolving door you know and depending on matchups you know each week. That's what will determine whether or not i start certain guys or not but yeah i mean i think those are really the two main guys that you'd probably wanna start his hopkinson and swift from the lions because outside of that i mean tire williams. I think is injured. And you know. Same brown i think is gonna you know he might be the main guy main receiver. But i don't really see him as strong fantasy play. You know unless this is the week where he you know pops off and maybe you know gets better and better because this is one of their draft choices and maybe he you know steps in and is the number one wide receiver for this team and they also got khalif. Raymond and queen c i. I mean there's really not a lot of enticing fantasy players on this lions team really outside of swift. I guess you can throw in jamal williams hopkinson and you know of golf keeps playing. Well he could find himself. You know being a strong fantasy play. This offensive line holds up. You know he could be a strong fantasy. Play definitely was last week against the forty niners. So you know. That's kind of like my thoughts on the lines perspective now so now let me go through like up to match position by position. Who's going to have a better game. I think aaron rodgers has a better game than jared goff. I listen. I was very critical him on my radio. Show as well but you know what i think that the packers are gonna come out and they're going to play really well so i'm gonna say roger's going to have a better game better fantasy day. Then jared goff now between now. We'll have Aaron jones and andrea swift. Actually you know what i'll do. I'll say aaron jones. Aj dylan slash aj dylan or jamal william slash us slash john d. andrea swift can't even talk. Who will have the better game between you know packers running backs and the detroit running backs and it's tough. It's gonna be really close. It's going to be really close. But i am going to give the slight edge to aaron jones. I'm going to say that they get it done. They have better games than the average. However that those two detroit running backs. I think are going to have great games as well but i think that the packers running back through and do slightly better. Now we get down to the wide receivers. I think about the atoms outscores basically all of the detroit wide receivers. 'cause look hopkinson. Who will get into right. Now is obviously number one weapon on this detroit offense and i just think that you know because of that. The receivers really aren't going to play a huge role now. one of them is going up against dryer alexander. So that definitely is not going to help. But yes just my opinion on that demont the ad is gonna outscore all of the detroit wide receivers and then now we get to the tight end spot. I'm gonna say that. Tj hopkinson will have the better game than robert tanya. Though i do expect our tiny into score a touchdown i think because of how involved hodkinson is in this offense. I'm gonna say that. He has the better game and robert. Tanya a lot of people. Say he's touchdown dependent. And i agree with that but i think hodkinson has the better game and n- not to see the the tanya isn't a strong play like i said i think he is a strong play for this game. If you have them in your lineup. He's i can have a good game. But i just think hodgkinson's going to do better so now i guess we will compare the defenses. I think green bay's defense has the slightly better game. But i think both defenses are gonna struggle in this game. I think there's going to be a lot of points scored and then kicker wise. I mean i guess mason crosby give the nod to him. Just because i think the packers will score more than the lions so it i mean. That's pretty much thoughts on the monday night game. You know i. I hope that you know for the packers shake. They come out. They play well. But it's going to be tough. I the lions really showed you something last week. And i feel like that's gonna continue into this game as well. I don't think they're gonna lay down and get killed by the packers but we'll see what happens so now. Let's get into the thursday night game because now i'm back to doing two shows a week so let's get into the thursday night game since the next show i will have. It will be friday. So let's talk about the thursday night game so it's really not the best game that you would want to have. It is the houston texans taking on the carolina panthers and yeah listen this game is just. It's it's not that good. I mean if the shawn watson was playing in the scheme then i would say well that then this you know has the potential to be a good game. But i mean tyrod taylor sam darnold just. It's very juicy. But let's talk about these match ups here. So let's talk about the houston side of things. So the panthers defense i. I think that you know it's it's an improved defense. It definitely is you know. And and i think that it's going to give the texans some problems but i do think that there are some cracks in it and i do think that brandin cooks can definitely be a strong play Against the panthers here. I definitely think that he's a guy that could be a flex option. I think he's proven that so i would say that. He's a strong play. And the running backs i mean it's just a revolving door. You don't really know who's going to stand out among all these you know amongst these players in oh so i mean i think really the only strong play i would say brandin cooks. That's really it. I mean i don't really see anybody else that you'd really want to start from week to week..

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