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Healthy microbiome eric's lawrence's a mind all different but once becoming clear is that a rich diverse microbiome made up of many species is the clearest marker of good health and diet is key that makes sense the microbes in our intestines feed of the food we put in the fiber in particular seems to act as fertilizer personally i want to improve microbiome so i asked tim spector where i should begin doubling five most people in the uk and you have hof modify but they should be having because a lot of these beneficial microbes they feed off the fiber and convert that into other chemicals short chain fatty acids which generally good for systems and keeping our appetite suppressed then it's also the diversity of fiber beans lentils and these things are all really good each of them will give you a different slightly different species so the variety on the plate is massively important professor tim spector of the british project ending that report by james gallagher fascinating stuff it is i never thought i'd want someone to look at my job but now i do have guessed it i should probably say i've had someone yes tim to has also tested my got microbiome off the i i it it was for a different program and i'm ridiculously pleased with this but i have a couple of levels a high levels of beneficial bacteria so i have you know if if you need a fecal transplant at any point i am the women's goat what was it about these microbes though say special well there are a couple of bacteria and they the research isn't it a stage yet where they can point to an individual species and say this one equals good but what they do notice is that generally in population of people the people who tend to be healthy have a high level of a certain type of bacteria so the inference from that is that it's beneficial to have a high level of of that bacteria and all i've got a high level of that bacteria but again it comes down to advice about eating that we've sort of off known in its eat a wide variety of things make sure that you've got lots of different colors on your plate eat more fiber as get in touch with tim you're going to have to give me his number yeah he see he can work his way through the science unit yet testing all of them and then come and see for trump on that disgusting nights you're listening to the science our from the bbc with me mony chesterton still to come why amounts testosterone levels depend on where in the world he grows up not in just a moment how oughta fischel intelligence is changing the way we get from a to b we hear about the plunge the hailing a ride in the skies launching aerial ride sherry which is flying cars to bring people in and out of very busy cities by twenty twenty in la and dallas and by twenty twenty three as.

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