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Stay informed. Stay connected. Depend on WCBS. Good morning. I'm Maria Garcia. You are three things to know have four fifteen one the hunt for the anonymous op Ed writer continues in Washington. The president is now calling for attorney general Jeff Sessions to investigate the president sees it as a national security issue. He was slammed in the op-ed by someone who works with in his administration to former Trump advisor George Papadopoulos sentence on Friday for lying to the FBI the punishment fourteen days in prison. He's the first former Trump campaign aide to be sentenced in the special counsel Robert Mueller Muller's Russia investigation and three we're just a few days away from the seventeenth anniversary of the nine eleven attacks. Or Mak Rosenberg attended a special ceremony on Friday at the NYPD memorial in battery park the world sore on September eleventh what it is New Yorkers in New York City. Police officers are made of and we say it often we run towards danger police benevolent association. President Pat Lynch did not mince words and trying to send a message about what nine eleven taught the world about I. Responders before nine eleven the tradition of honoring those first responders happen every year here at the police memorial in battery park and its happened every year in the nearly seventeen cents. But with a different more solemn undertone winches words resonated with a young, man. Who's here from Texas? Lieutenant David Barnett the Collin county sheriff's office who told me he's humbled. I imagine with you know. Them as sort of a encouragement that I would be somebody who would run in. That's part of my job is part of our duty law enforcement to to run in those situations. Like, they said at the police memorial wall in battery park back Rosenberg WCBS NewsRadio. Eight eighty meanwhile, some new research has identified a link to reduced lung function for firefighters who worked at ground zero Peter Haskell fills us in certain metabolites can predict which firefighters might suffer from shortness of breath. Dr Anna Nolan it in medical school conducted research when this large number of metabolite we were able to identify a fall number that were associated with this loss of lung function. Now, she's looking at whether amount of diet can reverse the damage our primary endpoint is going to be can we improve? This force expiratory volume amount of air that you can you can move into one second wanting to ten firefighters at the World Trade Center on nine eleven has reduced lung function. Peter Haskell WCBS NewsRadio. Eight eighty FBI director Christopher Ray is urging current and former federal agents to file claims if they believe their health with affected after nine eleven race says many FBI agents worked alongside other first responders following the attacks and are now only beginning to understand term effects. Have you CBS news time for eighteen?.

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