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Welcome to kids myths and Mysteries. I'm your host kit Chrome and welcome to all u r a Ruckus listeners the story. I am about to recite involves a lot of details about my research because it is so unbelievable since I first began the podcast true Adventures of the Pacific Northwest more than two years ago. I've erred a little bit more than four hundred stories. They've ranged from Vampire sightings in Oregon to flying saucers in the school yard in Australia. I validated each story with research that involved police or FBI reports correspondence with first-hand Witnesses, and occasionally. I've talked with individuals that experience The Unbelievable event in the rare event that I consult the internet. I will locate three sources who do not know each other but have cooperated testimonial during the research process. I've been told to cease and desist by law enforcement. I've been hung up on and received emails telling me to log Call for the most part. The reasons have been that the individual or family member doesn't want to rehash details of what did them was a disturbing event. So I did a podcast was called. Where did Billy go and it is by far the most bizarre story. I have ever run across and that's why I'm giving you a lot of details of involve my research off because it is so unbelievable. I decided to relate the steps. I've taken in an effort to make sense of it all and in the end. No, I don't know if it did make sense. This is a story about eleven year old boy who vanished from just outside Tucson Arizona while performing in front of twenty two adult Witnesses. He was discovered 72 hours later wandering across a Civil War battlefield 1,500 miles distant in Southwestern Tennessee. The site was the Shiloh National military Park. He was discovered by a tourist taking a tour who had Dental School. A distant figures looking like a child more on this in a minute it all started when I was scouring some thirty-seven-year-old FBI files. I hadn't looked at in a long time hoping to find something intriguing when I noticed under the child abductions section the case involving a young boy, he'd been abducted in 1982 from his Arizona residence and located in southwestern Tennessee in a state park three days later. What caught my eyes at this wasn't marked as a kidnapping and there was no Ransom call involved the FBI were brought up and when the trial was discovered in another state I managed to get my hands on a heavily redacted police report anything. This old has been archived and is available on a special website. Have access to any way the report related how the victim and four other children were in a field performing jumps and bike trips on their Sting-Ray bicycle the report describes. The children had built around and each would perform a jump over a stack of tires 12 tourists visiting the nearby town of Oatman Arizona and.

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