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Is the he's a Cal Berkeley guy. Why you got to go there? That's the only way to do that. Hold him back. That's the only thing that could hold the back. That's what separates him from the rest the number one public university in the world. Wind up sees the 11 fastball in Judge fouls it straight back one and two. Just because you went up. I 80 to Nevada and you didn't just go down 20 minutes from home to Cal. You don't have to hold it against Andrew Von. Not singing. I would have a little secret. I would have gone to Cal if they would have finally offered me but they didn't. So I kind of have a got a chip against him for the rest of my life. 12 pitch. It's cease, Mrs. Download two balls. Two strikes Now. Was it the football coaches that didn't offer you or was it Bob Milano in the baseball? So with this football coaches, so that would have been Bruce Snyder was the coach of the time account kick. Many moons ago. I've traveled many miles Roxie. Don't review for you've moved on. 22 breaking ball. Oh, what a way to judge in a full count. There's another California kid here. Aaron, Judge from Down kind of Middle California. Is that what we call it sort of central central President State product. Definitely a football prospect. 32 And cease for the breaking ball drops low and a two out base runner for the Yankees. His judge walks That'll bring up geo or shallow for the Yankees. Shelagh to 84 with five home runs. 23 batted in and Really Sydney With the Yankee struggles offensively this year, it's been judging her Shelagh. Been the only two bats that have been consistent. For Aaron Boone Detailer Mayhew is Fluctuated in and out, not putting up the production. We normally see from him, and.

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