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I've picked them fifty three wins, which would get them the third or fourth seed and be very, that may be second. You think it's the third, not many teams went over, fifty Houston. Those I think hardened by himself and I'm with you that Houston has dropped a little bit. They have had a poor off season. But I still think that they get seven win. Okay. So let me tell you what I think the Lakers are doing right now. They have young players all can handle the ball Kouzmin Ingram, Lonzo heart. Three of the four can shoot and all get better, but they're young kids, they're finesse than they have the world's best player LeBron. So what magic and those guys are doing is before we get to our second star, which would allow us to compete athletically with Golden State. We're gonna get edgy guys. Rhonda will get encourage face has no problem trying to intimidate him hard fouls. Lance, we'll get in Draymond. Green face has no problem saying each outside oracle, Michael Beasley has no problem. Hard fouling Kevin Durant. What's he got to lose I, Michael Beasley. They're bring on tough guys who compete, nothing to lose frankly, kind of intimidating, tough guys. They're kind of odd land is odd. Rondos wired differently. Beazley's one of the most LeBron said years ago Beasley, one of the most talented guy I've ever played. He's incredibly talented bringing on all these edgy guys who are willing to get into a fistfight with the warriors, finesse, skinny jeans. Team will look the way they beat the. I'm talking about LeBron and the Cavs when they beat the warriors twenty sixteen they eat my Shumpert JR Smith Tristan Thompson. They had tough guys. They got physical with the warriors and they're bumping Steph off every every time he's running around picking rolls. They're hitting him and they won and they kept into a low scoring game, seven. Yep. In twenty. Fifteen without Kawhi. Rian love. How do they take him the six. You got LeBron James. And then a bunch of grinders, Matthew deliver Dover tough guys. Hustle play hard. All that I get it and I understand that again, the one year deals that is smart and it's not brain surgery, but that's smart to do. 'cause next year you go out and you get your big time free agent. The interesting thing no is as you said they're edgy guys and that could bother the opponent, but it also could make your locker room incredibly volatile. And you look at develop McGee. He behaved himself in Golden State, but Golden State had an entire culture created with several veterans who at one championships to keep javale McGee and a Nick young and now a DeMarcus cousins in line with the Lakers we're talking about one guy LeBron that's gotta manage all of that. And that's, I'm not..

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