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Welcome to the witnessing history. Education foundation podcast educating Americans to understand the history of their country and of other countries. So that they will appreciate the value of America's unique free institutions. Become an American hero. Who participates in our mission by joining us at witnessing history dot org. Download our documentaries and free teacher education materials that conform to grade level education standards at PBS learning dot org. Follow witnessing history on Facebook, Twitter and linked in. Today. Kent Masterson Brown is joined by a Wilson green author of a campaign of giants. The battle for Petersburg volume. One from the crossing of the James to the crater William marvel is an author of many books on the civil war, including Lee's retreat from Petersburg to APPA Matic's. He says I think it is safe to say that a Wilson green knows more about the Petersberg campaign than any other living person. And now let Kent Masterson Brown and a Wilson green take you on a journey to the campaign of Petersburg Virginia. Eighteen sixty four. And now let Kent Masterson Brown. Take you on a journey through American history. Well, we'll welcome. It's good to see you again. It's good to be here. Can thanks for inviting me? Well, you've been introduced as someone who knows more about the Petersberg campaign than any living person of dead. I'm sure much more about Petersburg than I do. Appreciate attack. Well, I'll call Bill marvel after this and all asking exactly what he meant by that. But no, it's really great to see you again and welcome to to our podcast here. You're you've just written the first volume of a campaign for giants of giants on the battle of Petersburg, and your this is a projected three volume work of yours. That's correct. And first of all, let me tell you. And let me tell all our listeners. What a tremendous work. It is and how well it reads. And how engrossing it is. Thank you to to read. And I totally recommend to our our public that they pick up a copy of your book. It's terrific. And these are things that have not been really well written about for well forever. And. And you're putting the whole thing together in a in a massive piece at work and congratulations. Thanks terrific. Absolutely terrific. Let me start by asking you will some of our listeners may know a lot about Petersburg some of made. No, very little give us kind of a synopsis of this campaign short short as you can go. But I mean, a synopsis of it. Well, the Petersburg campaign lasted two hundred ninety two days. So depending on how you judge the length of a campaign of the civil war. You could make the argument it was the longest continuous campaign of the entire war. It was focused around the second largest city in Virginia and the seventh largest city in the confederacy Petersburg, which got its importance in the war as a communications and transportation center. Five railroad. Cbs entered into Petersburg and four of them were integral to the supply of the army of northern Virginia and the capitol at Richmond, and when General Grant and his army of the Potomac along with general Butler and the army of the James in general, Meade course, command of the army of the Potomac ahead intended to focus on Richmond at the beginning of the spring of eighteen sixty four but didn't that bloody overland campaign? They were not able to either destroy the army of northern Virginia or capture the confederate capital Richmond in. So grant made his decision to focus on the transportation and communication center. Twenty three miles south of Richmond. Petersburg and the campaign involved nine separate union offensives couple of confederate offenses initially grant hoped be able to bowl his way into. Petersburg, the first three offensives had some kind of attempt to attack confederate fortifications and break into Petersburg all of those offenses failed. And so the fourth through eighth offensives were designed to cut off one by one moving east to west the transportation arteries leading into Petersburg, and then entertainment. It was not until the final offensive on April. Second eighteen sixty five that grant reverted to frontal assaults that of course, were successful that day and lead in a week the surrender of Lee's army at app Maddox courthouse, basically just wore them down of

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