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This. I think is a is a very broad genre. Sure there are many techniques you can use to scare a person or disturb them I think my favorite. It's hard to kind of also because it's like don't reveal it. don't right. Yeah i understand yes but it is something i wanna talk about and i think i can do so without revealing with. The game is about but I love when horror makes you doesn't necessarily try to Literally scare you you you know make you jump or like shove scary monster in your face or suddenly flash something at you I classify part of part of what i classify. Horror is things that make you feel just off put or uneasy or make you make you think about think about interesting topics that haven't really come in your mind before that are other uncomfortable or uncanny to think about I think those are all techniques that like you would sort of classify as horror but those shovel out in media that you wouldn't necessarily classify as like horror media i think I really like using the indie game. You may nicky as an example. And that's one that. I think i felt very inspired by because this is a game where really the only purpose of the game is to wander around aimlessly through a dream world and see what sorts of interesting environments and creatures you come across and it's so bizarre jarring and uncanny that kind of like just puts you in this world of unease where. You're never sure what's going to happen next because there aren't really any rules in this in this world and i always really loved that feeling and to me. That's kind of what what psychological horror was about and it made me feel really excited to Make some attempts to deliver a similar experience to other people in my own way. I think there's a huge disparity between jump scares and the kind of horror that you're talking about i. I've not yet plagued okeydokey literature club. But i'm very excited for this release. I'm really stoked to finally check it out after hearing so much acclaim for for the last several years this this new edition drops on june thirtieth at is coming to all consoles switch included. How about a little tease man. What's next for team salvador. Now that you're you're getting literature club a-plus out the door. I don't know if we can talk about that yet. We always have great ideas where he's working on cool stuff. It's all about we. We wanna make what we think be cool. I was asked recently. If the popularity of ddr see has like influenced like. Is that the reason we're making new content for it and the answer is not really we. Don't we don't we. Don't answer to popularity in that way. We we make things when we have cool ideas. That's really what it came down to with. Dlc plus and wide exists in had some really cool ideas we wanted to communicate a certain message and have a certain impact and then we put it together and we made it. That's going to continue to be how we operate part of our core values so i can't say exactly what's going to be coming next. I can just say that we have some very cool ideas and we're very excited to start being able to work on them. That's awesome congratulations to on all the success. I you know it's such a cool thing for something from such a small team blow up the way that this has and have an opportunity to put it out to an even wider audience. And i wish you the best success with this release as well speaking of popularity. We're going to move over to simon cardi now to talk a little bit about mario golf super rush which comes out tomorrow so cardi year review is up on. Espn dot com. Today is and. I just wanted to read this line from the verdict. You said margaret golf super russia's a comfort food game that to some like yourself in take you to a happy place with a couple of taps of the same button followed by an exclamation of nice shot. It's it's standout speed. Golf mode is a great twist on mario golf and a genuinely fun way to play her. That goes a fair way to spicing up the old formula and filling the space between swings and madcap foot race. You gave the game a six out of ten. My first question for you is what's up you say. Don't hate only read the half of the verdict there. I praise it which is by design. Roger on the shoulder cheryl. I'm sorry this is just a little to stitch up for me isn't it. I six means this is okay. And that's how i feel about. This game is okay rival. I love mario flick. They i m. I review is pretty much the first game i ever remember playing like been photo of me in the video review. A one-year-old baby tangled in the wise with illness. Green like this is the first game. I remember like and it just i just. Maybe i build up too much in my head by one. It's like the ultimate mario golf game like gone. Mario kart deluxe light dies. In my eyes and rate the alternate mario kart game pretty perfected that formula with but what we go is more akin to marry tennis aces from a couple years back which i didn't enjoy much. I fooled. that wasn't a lot to it I know that made improvements since launch game but at launch i played. I didn't enjoy very much. And this is why. I'm kinda gang with mario gopher Rush is coal mario. Golf is a fun game and still fun and speed is a fun Speed gulf even is a fun. Twist on that formulate. You've kind of got maraqa elements of running between strokes to try and knock people over collect coins and that's fun but then everything else kinda fell apart around it for me. There's only six cools is in total which is not very many not the best courses. they've ever made marrugo. That's to less than the n sixty version had when it launched and but surely we should be getting more. I know they've promised more in trump bates. Now i've got review. The game is is now account review being promised to come and also just so looking forward today. Adventure mode may be misguided than that. I've memories play in the advanced. Tool game on gameboy advance really enjoying much younger s. Probably not a lot to it. When i look back but i enjoyed that. She was taking on all the different characters. New going around the world lives almost like a pokemon. Rpg like you trying to become the very best.

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