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Owned or services able veteran owned guess what you got the contract so. Regards what kind of business you're in you never really know when a state government or the federal government or even a company that does business with the government. A. Lot of a lot of large companies like Ford Motor Company. For example, who sells lots of fleet vehicles to govern organizations. Ford Motor Company also has to comply with the relations the federated the they also basically have to operate kind like a government agency is they're going to sell stuff to the government, which means they have to have set asides in hold bags for specific minority groups and service disabled veteran. Absolutely, you never know when some random company's GONNA come along and say, Hey, do you have any designated? If you do we can give you a big contract. it's very important something for veterans to know. Okay if. If you're if you've been down range but don't have any disability or service connected situation you qualify as a veteran small business, but if there's any designation in your. In your disability decision even if it says, let's say it says right hand zero percent. That's a service can make situation and that actually qualifies to be disabled a service disabled veteran owned small business. So anything that service connected if you have anything service connected at all, this is one of those little bits of information at a lot of folks don't know even if it says service connected zero percent in, you're not getting a monthly check, but it's still says at your service connected, you qualify to be a service disabled veteran owned small business. Gain in those those criteria are listed. On the CV website of veteran affairs, website and then as far as other certifications that you mentioned. Being a minority or women owned businesses something that's very popular. Nowadays, there's a lot of opportunity set-asides just like you mentioned where the federal and state governments dollars aside for small businesses you have certification. So yeah, MR llangollen business could potentially be mowing a an air force. Base? I know a got a friend Casey your he's he's in the cleaning cleaning supply business. He was contacted by Amazon directly saying we want to do some business to business relationships with you. Oh, by the way, do you have any service disabled veteran? Well, yes. Matter of fact I do okay. We got companies that need to buy stuff from you because you only. Testing, nation. So there's definitely a lot of opportunity lot of opportunity. Wouldn't wouldn't necessarily base your entire business plan on the fact that you're GONNA get. You'RE GONNA get special contract because of some special quality quality may have. But I would definitely get whatever designations you rate having Even if you think you might even if there's a chance of qualifying. Yeah, and just remember those things look a little intimidating but. One page at a time. That's all you got to remember one page at a time. You'll get it done. They, they do ask a lot of questions and they WANNA know about your your financial situation and where you stand in a few even have a potential for success. So those are all things to consider but very much worth the time that it takes to get it done. Yeah. So so when most people here wall covering, they think a wallpaper absolutely. You having done some house flip in house buying and selling name nowadays wallpapers kind of out of style like it's all about just the plain walls in whatever color of paint you put on it. The first thing you do if you buy a house got wallpaper on it, we're taking the wallpaper off in, go back to paint but looking at your website. It's a dynamic wall covering dot com. Okay, now I realize wall coverings are a whole nother ball game especially like in the commercial industries, you know where you walk into a company accompanies a lobby. And they've got all their branding all over the wall. That's custom-made wallpaper essentially in if you look at your website, you've gotta really cool stuff that businesses and stuff like that. Put on wall. So. Tell us about the dynamic wall covering industry right now, some of the things you're doing. Okay. So About. Dynamic Wall covering. We're we're we're homebase operation at the moment, but we actually have a nationwide footprint. The reason we do is because we've been outlet feel for. Since two, thousand, six We travel and we work in retail spaces hospitality spaces. Medical spaces pretty much any kind of commercial or larger residential spaces that being said, we work with printers work with wallpaper manufacturers we work with painting companies we work. Directly with the wall covering daughter Association, which is a group Walker covering installers. That is an international group. What we do to Do that organization is we network They help us the nationwide service provider. So the installer association has a directory and through our meetings and conventions, we build rapport amongst each other and. We share contracts we network so we can cover. This company out of Wisconsin needs something done in southern? California. Well, we'll get you somebody. We. Are. Currently expanding our services we've recently taking classes to become three m certified. wallpaper stickers or two different things. traditional law covering installer wallpaper installer steers away from three m because it's it's a nontraditional type wall covering. It's it's basically a sticker, but it does require certain types of skill set, which we already have it just adapting in overcoming so So we're recently getting more involved in in the three m arena because. It's you can put it on glass you can put it on drywall you can put it on metal you wrap cars with it you can do pretty much anything with it. So data allows us to give our client. A more will a different or more wide approach to customizing their space. So if they want to take that thing off the wall and bring it down onto their desk, you know to cover the front of that reception desk that we can do that. You know we can build a design for forum, get that printed, install it all to look exactly how they want customized. That stopped in that we take a lot of pride in is. helping in consulting clients you know once It's not just about a installation of a material. It's about making sure that your client is is happy from the time that that you're guiding them through making their decisions or if they've already made the decisions to either. Solidify those for them or if you see that there may be going in a direction where they could have some failure than consult.

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