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Next to be released but more than a month after both vaccines started being distributed only sixteen million five hundred and twenty five thousand two hundred eighty one. Americans have received the first votes on the first dose but amazon. Klavan back san. Hang on. wait a minute. We were in contact with the trump administration. Seven fifty seven thirteen ten kfi k. Why bowl sports story in northern colorado state in the country tune into the whole. Show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi k. the day's headlines podcast mornings with gail and more and schedule upcoming sports broadcasts find them thirteen ten kfi dot com seven fifty nine now. Thirteen ten kfi k. A thirteen ten kfi k. a. dot com. Well the biden administration wasting no time temporarily suspending oil and gas leasing and permitting on federal lands and waters essentially Putting the kosh on the keystone excel pipeline. What the influence of those moves speed. Kathleen scammer is president of the western energy alliance and she joins in with some insights at eight. Oh five thirteen ten. Kfi k. a. Greeley loveland longmont closing in on eight o'clock..

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