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Multi were ports that the suspected gunman last night shooting at the gallery garlic festival has been identified as nineteen year old St Tino William llegan animate early witness reports of a second suspect being involved in the shooting police have searched a house in a neighborhood near the festival site joining us now from that that Gilroy neighborhoods reporter Holly Quan from KCBS radio in San Francisco what can you tell us about what's happening there well looks like he'll be area has cleared a fact about twenty minutes ago you way police I think the last one I left here but apparently neighbors were telling me about midnight last night that they heard swat teams and dozens of police show up on this call the fact very quiet there's a two story home three car garage and the the lit up the place of light they called out for their occupants to come out with their hands up only one person was inside of the crime it was a woman and she came out and that would allow back in as agents when inside the bin basically all my of searching the house collecting evidence when I arrived here early this morning I saw ATF agents armed with rifles in their tactical that's coming out in bringing out various bank your paper bags were evidence bags and things like that so clearly the you know the neighbors here work was done they didn't realize that it was connected to what was happening over at the the festival grounds but they're the levy in a creek just behind this neighborhood and that creek if you follow that trail leads directly about ten or twelve minutes later turn twelve minute walk to the festival grounds and a lot of the people here that I've been talking to say that you know parking at the horrendous over there a lot of them would just walk over there on an annual basis because you know the garlic fact both of them creamier summertime event for Gil why being the big fundraiser for all the charities here and build they cannot believe that you anybody on this block will be associated with some kind of violent they say they have block parties you're the fourth of July party here yeah the kids on the block ride their bikes up and down but they did say that you know the the the two boys at least the ones that they knew of I'll Q. young men that were inside that house they were boxers they would run they would ride their bikes on but they never had anything but respect for their neighbors so they couldn't couldn't believe that that they would have anything to do with what happened at the festival yesterday all right Holly thank you so much for the alive all day Holly Quan from key CBS radio joining us from Gil Roy and the search for what appears to be a second suspect continues they've not found that second person yeah right ten AM news conference will be carrying here live on KF became up next quick with the jab and sage advice will introduce you to a local boxer with his eye on Hollywood three minutes your say.

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